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“Home Neutering” is a Form of Torture… and It’s Illegal

Dog Neutering

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  • Saskatchewan Canada is having a problem with “home neutering” by dog owners. These “procedures” involve the use of “Elastrator” bands that cut off the blood supply to the testicles.
  • This method of neutering is nothing more than a form of torture. It is extremely painful for the dogs, who often self-mutilate in an attempt to ease the pain and remove dead tissue. Secondary infections from constant licking are also common, and the bands are not always effective at making the dog sterile.
  • If you have a male dog or cat who needs to be neutered and you can’t afford to take him to your vet for the surgery, the ASPCA has a page on their website that provides a list of low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area.

By Dr. Becker

This subject is so disturbing I can barely tolerate writing about it, but I feel I must in case there’s anyone in my reading audience who might be considering doing this to their own pet.

The SPCA in Saskatchewan Canada is concerned about the number of reports recently of dogs who have suffered at the hands of owners who’ve attempted “home neutering.” Apparently many of these dog owners have used “Elastrator” bands, which cut off the blood supply to the testicles.

The Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association’s (SVMA) Animal Welfare Committee calls these bands “an unacceptable method of canine sterilization.” No kidding.

According to Dr. Judy Currie of the SVMA, the banding causes extreme pain, is not always effective, and often results in self-mutilation and secondary infections as the animal licks himself in an attempt to ease the pain or remove dead tissue.

Many of these poor dogs wind up needing medical care and surgery to repair the damage and be successfully neutered. Needless to say, it ends up costing the owner much more than if the dog had been brought in for a proper neutering procedure performed by a veterinarian.

If You Can’t Afford to Have Your Vet Neuter Your Pet, Find a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program in Your Area

To my knowledge, this appalling “trend” hasn’t caught on in the U.S., although there have been isolated cases reported. Fortunately, it’s against the law here, as it certainly should be.

If you have a male dog or cat in need of neutering but you’re short on cash, please visit the ASPCA site, put in your zip code, and get a list of low-cost spay/neuter programs in your area.

For anyone who may be thinking about getting a pet, PLEASE remember there are costs associated with the proper care of a dog, cat or any other animal.


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