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Emmett the Parrot is Healed with Essential Oils

March 11, 2013
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Emmett the parrot had a medical condition called papillomatosis, which is a contagious viral form of avian warts that can affect the entire digestive tract. He had them in his mouth, presumably down his throat, and all the way to his vent. The warts limited Emmett’s ability to eat and can also turn cancerous. The only thing traditional medicine has to offer birds with the condition is antibiotics when infections set in.

Emmett’s papillomatosis had progressed to the point that his owner felt she had no choice but to have her bird euthanized. However, Dr. Melissa Shelton, a holistic veterinarian and expert on the use of essential oils, decided to try a mixture of Copaiba and Frankincense to treat the warts.

Soon after, Dr. Shelton also spritzed Emmett with a combination of “happy oils” of lemon and orange, and calming oil of lavender. Within minutes Emmett, a very depressed bird, came out of his cage for the first time in over two years. You can read much more about Emmett’s past and how he’s doing today here.

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