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Chiropractic Care and Natural Supplements Save the Life of a Rescue Dog


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  • Peppercorn (“Pepper” for short) is a gorgeous Doberman Pinscher rescue who began snapping at her new mom her first week home. What appeared initially to be a behavior problem turned out to be a painful back that was successfully treated with veterinary chiropractic care, appropriate supplements and dietary changes.
  • Then poor Pepper slipped a disc in her back, and her parents were told by the emergency hospital that she might need to be euthanized. Back they went to their integrative vet, and Pepper was once again returned to good health.
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From the AHVM Foundation

Peppercorn is a seven-year-old Doberman Pinscher rescue. Pepper wound up in rescue when her owner lost his job and stopped feeding her to save money. She was twenty pounds underweight when she entered the rescue. Before we adopted her, we were very specific that she must be good with children as we have several nieces and nephews.

During her first week home, I needed something out of the refrigerator and Pepper was laying in front it. I nudged her with my foot and she snapped at me. I assumed she was being territorial. Two days later a similar incident happened, and again she snapped at me. The third episode occurred when I was sitting on the floor with Pepper. She was lying on a toy and I reached under her to move the toy ... and yet again, she snapped at me.

My husband and I discussed returning Pepper to the rescue, as she seemed not to be a trustworthy dog. However, by this time we had fallen in love with her. She was obedient and worked for kisses. My husband and I talked about what might be making her snap. It seemed she was snapping every time she was touched near the small of her back, at her waist.

We decided we would take her to see an integrative veterinarian. We live in Pennsylvania and must drive approximately two hours to this particular clinic, but we knew the vet from his successful treatment of our other dog's back problems.

After examining Pepper, the vet told us her back required major chiropractic adjustments because she was in a lot of pain that could cause her to snap any time the painful area was touched. The vet worked with us to develop an adjustment schedule, supplement protocol, and dietary changes that would help Pepper’s body heal itself.

The treatment was a success, and Pepper is now reliable around children. In fact, my niece considers Pepper to be one of her best friends.

Then during the winter months Pepper suddenly started limping and could not turn her head or eat without crying. We took her to the emergency room where they told us she had slipped a disc in her neck. They told us she would need to be strictly confined for three months and if there was no improvement, Pepper might need to be euthanized.

So off we went to our integrative veterinarian again, and he performed adjustments on Pepper’s neck, back and legs. He showed us how to do stretches and traction on her neck. He prescribed Chinese herbs and other supplements, and recommended we walk her three times a day and allow her to walk around the house as long as she did not play with our other dog.

The vet performed a series of scheduled chiropractic adjustments on Pepper. We followed his plan and she is now back to normal. Pepper lives to chase squirrels in the backyard and wrestle with her roommate. She is no longer on any painkillers.

We can't imagine being without integrative medicine for obvious reasons.


Caprice S

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