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The Sheep Who Is Sure He’s a Dog

Lamo the Sheep

Story at-a-glance -

  • Earlier this year, a nice lady who runs an animal rescue in Shropshire, England took in an injured lamb who had been hit by a car.
  • Having no luck finding his owner, the lady nursed “Lamo” back to health and raised him right along with her three dogs.
  • Today at 18 months, Lamo the sheep is not only convinced he’s a canine, he might just convince you as well!

By Dr. Becker

Last February, Jennifer Jones, owner of Rockfield Animal Rescue in Wentnor, a small village in Shropshire, England, took in a sheep that had been hit by a car.

Jones named the frightened little guy Lamo and nursed him back to health. She couldn’t locate his owner, so she raised Lamo with her three dogs – Wallace, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Judy the Jack Russell, and a Labrador named Poppy.

At a Year-and-a-Half, Lamo Is Quite Sure He’s a Dog.

Lamo is now about 18 months old, and he’s convinced he’s a dog. He plays fetch, chases rabbits, wears a collar and leash, jumps up on his hind legs, and tries to bark. And like the dog he’s sure he is, Lamo follows Jones around and is always under foot.

According to Jones, "He doesn't care about the other sheep, he prefers humans. He's always trying to get our attention and is constantly getting up to mischief."

Lamo has quite an active life with Jones. She takes him to the homes of her friends and lets him mow their lawns. She puts him on a lead and takes him for walks on weekends. Lamo also enjoys taking a quick dip in the lake and going for rides in Jones’ van.

Sheep Are More Intelligent Than Many People Realize.

According to veterinarian David Howell, sheep are smarter than people give them credit for and are able to learn certain behaviors.

"Most sheep do revert to their natural characteristics if they are not brought up in their natural surroundings but clearly Lamo prefers life as a dog," says Howell.

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