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Social Networking for Dog Lovers

Social Networking

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  • Since dogs are by nature social animals, and dog lovers often prefer the company of people who understand and share their passion for all things canine, social networking for dogs and their owners is an idea whose time has come.
  • There are several dog-related networking sites out there, so we picked a few worth looking into. Each offers a slightly different approach. Fairly new sites include Where My Dogs At, Pack, and MySocialPetwork.
  • There’s also a great site that has been around for several years – the member community at

By Dr. Becker

As any dog owner can tell you, our canine companions are social animals! So it was inevitable in the age of Facebook, Twitter and similar applications for humans that dogs would eventually get their own social networks.

Here are a few worth checking out…

Where My Dogs At

If you can get past the poor grammar and punctuation in the name, Where My Dogs At bills itself as “The fun and social way to find great places to take your dog.” It’s an app developed for Apple devices and Android phones. It can be downloaded at iTunes or Google Play.

The idea behind this app, launched in January 2013, is to bring dog lovers together to share information about dog-friendly venues and events, and encourage meet ‘n sniffs between dog owners and their pets. The app features links to profiles of dogs and their owners, and directories and maps of dog-friendly businesses, restaurants, parks, hotels and apartment buildings. Businesses that welcome dogs can also make profiles and target ads to users based on their location. Users of the app don’t “check in,” they “mark their territory,” and give a “paw of approval” to their favorite dog-friendly locations.


Pack is currently a members-only website that says it is “for people who love their dogs” (which would seem to be, well, all of us). According to MediaPost, this site seems “more focused on simple adoration and veneration” of members’ canine companions. Profiles on the site feature pictures of dogs and their owners and information about breeds. Members can join “breed packs” with other owners of dogs of the same breed. The site also contains listings and profiles of dog-friendly places.

The hitch? The site is in private beta. According to the landing page: “Right now you can only join Pack by invitation only. Maybe you can see if anyone out there has one to give you!” It seems to suggest that you visit Twitter or Facebook to see if any of your friends are already members. You can also “reserve a spot” using your email address and you’ll be alerted when the site is fully functional. In the meantime, you can click around and get a general feel for the layout.


MySocialPetwork from the U.K says it’s the place “where pets do the talking.” It welcomes all kinds of pets, not just dogs. You can find profiles on pet hamsters, guinea pigs, cockatoos, mice, puffer fish, and other types of animals. Registration is free and users can create profiles for their pets, upload pictures and videos, and share their knowledge about pet care, boarding and activities. Businesses and charitable organizations can also create profiles.


Another social networking site that has been around for almost a decade is the pooch-loving community at Registration allows you to create a profile page for your dog, upload photos, join an existing special interest group or start one of your own, communicate with other members in the forums, and take advantage of other features of the site.

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