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6 Reasons You Should Never Have a Wild Animal as a Pet

January 08, 2014

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  • Exotic wild animals are wild animals, and as they age, they become impossible to handle for the average pet owner. They end up being sold to roadside zoos, or are dumped on humane societies or wildlife sanctuaries, putting an economic burden on those organizations. Ultimately, the majority of these animals are euthanized, abandoned, or live out their lives in deplorable conditions.
  • One particularly horrific example concerns primates taken as pets. Once monkeys mature, their behavior becomes erratic and often aggressive, and most owners are no longer able to safely care for them. It’s common for pet owners to use cruelty to try to keep an adult primate under control. Some monkeys have their teeth pulled out. Many are relegated full time to cages and develop neurotic coping mechanisms as a result.
  • Here we offer six additional reasons you should never consider a wild animal as a pet.

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