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8 Ways Dogs Help People

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  • It’s time once again to recognize and appreciate the life-changing work service and therapy dogs do in helping people who may be blind, deaf, or in a wheelchair. There are dogs that help people with diabetes, who suffer seizures, or endure long hospital stays to treat a serious illness. Working dogs are also trained to help people with mental health issues, as well as military veterans suffering from physical and emotional disabilities.
  • Service dogs are trained by special organizations from the time they are puppies. Once fully trained, the dogs are placed in the home of someone with a disability, or perhaps with an autistic child, to live with and be of service to that person for the rest of their lives.
  • Therapy dogs, on the other hand, form one half of a visiting team with a human partner. The team goes through extensive training, and once training is complete, they do therapy visits in settings like hospitals, schools for children with autism, and other facilities.

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