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What Happens When Your Vet Says, “There’s Nothing More We Can Do”?

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  • Too often, pet guardians hear this discouraging news from their veterinarians: “There’s nothing more we can do”
  • If every DVM learned about integrative therapies during veterinary school, they would have many more treatment options to choose from to help pets with hard-to-treat conditions
  • The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation exists to help current and future veterinarians learn about alternative and complementary medicine therapies, and how they can integrate them into their practices for the benefit of all their animal patients
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By Nancy Scanlan, DVM, and AHVMF Executive Director

What do you do when you run out of answers?

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What happens when they tell you there is nothing more to do?

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Integrative veterinary medicine can put more tools in your veterinarian’s toolbox. Then he or she will have more answers for those hard-to-treat problems.

For example, one integrative veterinary medicine patient, a Lab mix, lived 22 months longer than predicted when she was being treated with surgery and radiation alone.

But most veterinarians aren’t taught these methods. And most researchers can’t get funding for research to prove these methods.

What’s Being Done About This?

Our Foundation is raising money so that veterinarians can learn about these life-saving methods as part of their regular education.

The AHVMF has awarded funds for an Integrative Veterinary Medicine center in one veterinary school, and an Integrative Nutritional Center in another. But there are 26 more in the U.S. that need our help.

Research is needed to establish which methods work best, and how best to use them. But research is really expensive.

If we fully supported just 2 critical research studies each year, along with the 2 integrative veterinary centers we have committed to, we would run out of money in less than 2 years.

How You Can Make a Difference

Pets bless us with their companionship and unconditional love. That’s why Mercola Healthy Pets has partnered with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) to raise money for integrative education and research efforts. We were able to raise over $1 million in the last three years. Now through March 22, 2015, a portion of all sales at Healthy Pets will be donated to AHVMF. So, while you shop this week, know that each purchase will contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

Over 150 million people have pets. If just a small percentage of them donated there would be enough money raised for a trust fund that would generate the money we need for education and research. Veterinarians would come out of veterinary school with new treatments in their veterinary toolbox. Your dog will thank you for it and so will your cat, though it won’t be so obvious!

So please take a moment right now to be one in a million and make a donation to the AHVM Foundation. Come and check out our AHVMF.Org, read inspiring stories, see animal teachers, cute dog pictures, and make a donation today.

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