How One Dog with Only a Week to Live, Lived Almost Another Year

Saint Bernard

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  • Cappuccino, a Saint Bernard and former Westminster Show competitor, was diagnosed at age 8 with severe heart disease. Her veterinary cardiologist gave her less than a week to live
  • Cappuccino’s family took her the very next day to an integrative veterinarian who agreed her condition was grave, but also prescribed a holistic medicine protocol
  • Thanks to the holistic remedies that helped defend her kidneys and liver against the toxic effects of her heart medication, Cappuccino was able to have a good quality of life with her family for another 10 months
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By Fan Chan Cho, D.D.S.

Our Saint Bernard, Cappuccino, was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and heart arrhythmias at age 8 1/2. Cappuccino was my son's retired Westminster Show dog and competed at the prestigious event at Madison Square Garden in New York three times. She had also been inducted into the AKC Saint Bernard of America Hall of Fame for her exceptional scores as a competitive obedience dog. Cappuccino was also a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International.

During our first visit to her veterinary cardiologist, who is considered by some to be the top canine cardiologist in the country, Cappuccino received a grave prognosis. We were told she might not live a week.

The following day we took her to a highly trained and experienced integrative veterinarian who spent a great deal of time giving her a thorough examination. He agreed her condition was very grave, and prescribed a protocol of holistic medicines for her.

I am forever grateful to both Cappuccino’s cardiologist, who did a very complete work-up and exam and put her on the correct heart medications, and the integrative veterinarian who put together a program of holistic medicines to complement the traditional ones. I believe without a doubt these holistic medicines not only helped her heart but also protected her kidneys and liver from the toxic effects of traditional drugs, thus helping to extend her life and giving us an amazing 10 1/2 more months to spend with our sweet girl.

I believe this is a great example of how the combination of traditional and integrative medicine worked together to help Cappuccino.

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