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The Work Has Begun and It's Up to Us to Ensure It Carries On - Aligning Nature and Medicine

Holistic Veterinary Care

Story at-a-glance -

  • The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation was started by a small group of people dedicated to making the dream of better healthcare for animals come true
  • In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and holding tight to the dream, the Foundation has made amazing strides acquiring funding and launching critically needed integrative veterinary medicine education and research initiatives
  • With the help of financial donations small and large, the Foundation can continue the important work it has begun investigating and aligning nature, and medicine
Welcome to American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation fundraising week!

This week, instead of our own articles, we're featuring messages and videos from the AHVM Foundation to help you, our readers, learn about all the wonderful work the Foundation is able to do thanks to your generosity and the donation match from

By Dr. Richard Palmquist, Past President and Research Chair of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation

I remember the first day our Foundation board met. We were dedicated to making the dream of better healthcare for animals come true, but few believed we could have a substantial impact. Experts told us how complex it would be, how we needed vast funds. The estimate of effort stressed every one of us. We just sat quietly together.

As we examined our resources, we realized that our growth must come from the same force that drove our veterinary practices. Holistic doctors and veterinarians love deeply and are actively engaged in finding paths to better health. They travel far seeking help for individuals abandoned as hopeless.

They are willing to try, to fail, and sometimes… they succeed against all odds.

Animal guardians who sought out our techniques were intelligent, dedicated people who acted unselfishly to give hope a path to fruition.

And so, we began. Together. Each of us bringing our love and experience to the task. Each doing what we could. We built a website and began speaking our dream. We calculated that we needed $20 million to make a substantial difference. Every picture on our site is a healing story. The animals gave us hope to continue.

People told us this was impossible.

We continued. I talked about love a lot. It is the foundation of healing as we come together, and act in ways that reveal truths we can use to help others. Some laughed about that simplicity, but those who knew how holistic medicine worked responded. We began sharing Inspiring Stories and Animal Teachers on our website.

And the Angels began to find us, promote us and create funding streams we never thought possible. In three years we raised $1.1 million. Our transparent management propelled us to receive a Gold Star rating. Less than 2 percent of U.S. nonprofits qualify for that honor.

Now we do things every day that we once feared were impossible.

Now we have studies and programs funded at great academic centers as we investigate and align nature and medicine. Frankly, we have far greater need for funding now as people are excited by our strict humane research policies. When they try a little natural medicine, they see it work and get pretty excited.

Truth has that effect.

This year we coined a term, "RealSearch," to explain our desire to do unbiased research to find real solutions to difficult conditions. RealSearch seeks cures -- not just treatments that can be marketed for patent and profit. We believe that with your support we can develop a group funded by people for people and the animals we love so much.

How You Can Make a Difference

Pets bless us with their companionship and unconditional love. That’s why Mercola Healthy Pets has partnered with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) to raise money for integrative education and research efforts. We were able to raise over $1 million in the last three years. Now through March 22, 2015, a portion of all sales at Healthy Pets will be donated to AHVMF. So, while you shop this week, know that each purchase will contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

Over 150 million people have pets. If just a small percentage of them donated there would be enough money raised for a trust fund that would generate the money we need for education and research. Veterinarians would come out of veterinary school with new treatments in their veterinary toolbox. Your dog will thank you for it and so will your cat, though it won’t be so obvious!

So please take a moment right now to be one in a million and make a donation to the AHVM Foundation. Come and check out our AHVMF.Org, read inspiring stories, see animal teachers, cute dog pictures, and make a donation today.

Donate Today!

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