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One Hundred and One Reasons to Get Out of Bed

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  • Dr. Barbara Royal, a fellow holistic veterinarian, has co-authored a beautiful and inspiring book called “One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed”
  • Dr. Royal and Natasha Milne, a professional photographer and advocate for the environment, compiled the personal stories of 101 people — some famous, some unknown
  • With its simple layout and beautiful images, the book will resonate with anyone who is interested in living a “better normal” — those of us who care about our world, ourselves and our future

By Dr. Becker

I'm here today with my good friend Dr. Barbara Royal. Dr. Royal is a holistic veterinarian in the Chicago area, past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA), and an author as well.

In fact, she's just published a new book, "One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed: Small World Steps. Big Planet Heroes."

Get Out of Bed

'One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed' Sprung From a Desire to Share the Stories of People Who Are Doing Great Things

Dr. Royal explained that the idea for the book came out of a conversation she had with a friend of hers from Australia, Natasha Milne. Natasha is a professional photographer, advocate for the environment, and volunteer for her local wildlife rescue organization.

Dr. Royal and Natasha were having lunch together, and decided to stay away from the usual depressing topics of climate change, animal extinctions, and the general uncertainty of the future.

Instead, they decided to talk about people they know who are doing great things. Their conversation was so fun and inspiring that Natasha said, "Let's do a book."

But, Dr. Royal thought to herself, "I just wrote a book and I don't want to do that." Then she changed her mind and decided they absolutely had to do it.

Ask Yourself Three Simple Questions

Dr. Royal and Natasha started calling all the wonderful people they know to collect their stories.

"We actually called up people like Jane Goodall," says Dr. Royal, "and told her we were doing a book and wanted to include her story." Virtually everyone they asked said yes.

Dr. Royal and Natasha asked each person they contacted three questions:

  • What animal or environmental issue gets you out of bed?
  • What are you doing about it?
  • What can everyone do about it?

Dr. Royal says these three simple questions elicited a wealth of incredibly inspiring and empowering stories that demonstrate that yes, people are doing something about the issues they care about … and so can we.

We can get involved and connect with people we admire, as well as people we didn't even know about, but learned about, and learned to admire.

Captivating Pictures, Inspirational People

Dr. Royal and Natasha wanted the book to be beautiful, and full of interesting pictures. They also wanted it to be a source of information about the work of this TV personality … that rock star … and the woman racecar driver who has an environmentally friendly "green" racecar.

There's also the woman who developed a device that can filter water for an entire village for a month. And a woman who's a First Nation Elder wrote the book's introduction.

From the "One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed" Facebook page:

"While many of us feel overwhelmed with doom and gloom stories of a planet in peril, there are millions of people across the globe actually doing something about it. Some are household names, many are not, but all find at least one reason to get out of bed each day and help the world.

'One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed' introduces us to 101 everyday earth advocates. It asks them three simple questions: what gets them out of bed and why, what they are doing about it and what we can all do about it.

Along with Jane Goodall's fight against poaching, Louie Psihoyos' weapon of mass construction, and a 10 year old boy's lemonade stand to help orangutans — business innovators Rick Ridgeway and Sir Richard Branson, global economist John Hewson, and Garbage singer Shirley Manson, all add their voices to nearly one hundred others, encouraging us to find our 'one thing' and commit to move ourselves and our communities toward the brightest possibilities for the future.

One Hundred & One Reasons offers up incredible insights, hope and tips for all of us. It's a colorful, informative snapshot of common global concerns and solutions.

With its simple layout and beautiful images, the book will resonate with anyone who is interested in living a 'better normal', those of us who care about our world, ourselves and our future. Proceeds from the book support charities directly represented by our contributors and fund a multi-media campaign about other planet heroes."

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What's Your Passion?

The earth has its issues, but what's wonderful is that anyone can find their passion and choose what to do about it. Dr. Royal and Natasha Milne have been able to connect with "Big Planet Heroes" to share their inspiring stories with us.

Many thanks to Dr. Barbara Royal for sharing her latest amazing publication with us!