These Types of Dogs Are Underrated, but They're Among the Best Kind

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  • Puppies are cute and grown-up dogs are energetic, but old dogs bring dependable companionship that has stood the test of time
  • Years of experience have made old dogs patient and gentle, even with rambunctious puppies, and may even withstand children who like to dress them up
  • Since the day you met your canine friend, you’ve developed a rare relationship that proves — old dogs are the best dogs

By Dr. Becker

If you've ever owned a dog for a lifetime, from the time he was a pup, you know how cute and wiggly pups are when they're little, and how fun and energetic they are when they're grown up.

But if you've had the privilege of sharing your life with a beloved pet into their senior years, you know your old dog has brought many things into your life you would never have experienced otherwise. While you may think of more, here's a list of why old dogs are best.

1. Trust

When you look into the eyes of a dog who's been by your side for years, you know you share a level of trust most people can't match!

2. Patience

No one reflects the love they feel more than when their pride is challenged, like when they're used as a pillow, or expected to pose wearing a silly hat.

3. Their Adorable Habits

You love every funny foible you notice in your old friend, from the way she twitches when she sleeps to the happy look on her face when you come home.

4. Understanding

Who understands you better than the dog who's known you for so long?

5. Dignity

With age, old dogs achieve a measure of calm, unruffled dignity few people are able to display.

6. They're Still a Pup at Heart

Even old dogs remember the good old days. Sometimes they think they're still pups when they catch sight of a squirrel or pass a cool stream on a hot day!

7. They Know How You Feel

Old dogs have a way of understanding how you're feeling, whether you're happy, sad or lonely.

8. Your No. 1 Supporter

If you had to name your most loyal supporter, who would you think of first? Your dog!

9. Good Examples for Younger Dogs

Old dogs can teach young pups some new tricks, like how to climb stairs or get a long stick through a narrow doorway!

10. Physical Limitations Don't Change Who They Are

While old dogs' vision, hearing and ability to run may be limited, in their hearts, they're still your little pup.

11. Shared Experiences

Whenever you look back on the experiences shared with your dog, you're thankful for every one of them.

Old Dogs Bring More 'Life' to Your Life

Just think of what you would have missed if you hadn't taken the time, and the trust, to bring your wonderful pet into your life that first day! But because you did, you've shared a lifetime of love, loyalty, companionship and so much more.

And in case you're thinking about adopting a dog, remember what old dogs bring to the proverbial table. They've lived a lifetime themselves and have a lot of experience with life. What better way to acknowledge everything an old dog has learned than to pool your resources, open your home and get to know all the awesome things an old dog can bring to your world.

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