Dr. Karen Becker's Webinar: A Look at Animal Aging and Dying

Join Me For A 2-Part Webinar

In honor of Mercola.com's 19th anniversary I invite you to join me August 3rd and 4th at 12am CST for a two-day webinar presentation titled Winding Down - A Comprehensive Look at Companion Animal Aging and Dying. Life is a process, as your pet approaches the last chapter of their life it can be a time of grief, and stress.

I'll provide you with the knowledge and preparation to ensure that your pets last chapter is of peace and thanks, rather than fear. This event is FREE for all healthy pets newsletter subscribers. The webinar will be displayed on this page starting on 8/3 at 12am CST. If you aren't already subscribed dont miss out, subscribe today by entering your email in the form on this page. Hope you are able to tune in!

Webinar Summary

The webinar will be broken into several sections:

1. The Aging Body

Aging Organ Systems

Aging Senses

Symptoms of Aging

Make Them Feel Better

2. The Fork in the Road: When Preventive Care Stops and Comfort Care Starts

Biggest Hurdles

How to Know When its Happening

Two Categories of Vets

Scenarios to Think About

3. How Pets Die: Crisis vs. The "slow fade"

Slow Fade

Navigating the ER

Hospice Care

Euthenasia Myths

The Cycle of Grief

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Don't forget to enter your email above to be informed of the next Dr. Becker webinar!