9 of the Fastest-Bonding Cats You've Never Considered

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  • Tonkinese cats are more affectionate than the average feline, so you might find yourself with a cat of this breed in your lap or even on your shoulder, and not just when you’re sitting
  • Persian cats may sense when you’ve had a bad day, gravitating to you to sit with you as if to show solidarity and say everything’s OK
  • Siamese cats will often greet you at the door like a dog is known to do and demand your time and affection whenever you sit down

By Dr. Becker

Some say cats are notorious for being stand-offish and unemotional, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just like people, you might meet one or two who've decided they'd rather be loners than count on others for their emotional well-being, but there are a lot of kitties who crave affection from their siblings and chosen humans.

In celebration of the fine felines who are more acquiescent than others in the physical affection category, here's a list of some breeds who may invite their human's pets and snuggles, show their amiability with a friendly chat or seem to crave human company.

1. Cornish Rex

With their streamlined silhouette, short, curly fur and large, pointy ears, these seemingly delicate cats could also be called odd-looking, but that doesn't diminish their gregarious ways. You might even say they have a sense of humor, as they often finagle their way into the center of attention as the life of the party.

These kitties love being wherever you are, even on the go, and showing off how smart they are with tricks that might make you think they secretly identify as a dog! Cornish Rex cats are generally very good with children, dogs and other cats and don't know a stranger for very long. Best of all, they're affectionate, which may have something to do with the fact that they're also very intelligent.

2. Egyptian Mau

One of the oldest cat breeds on the planet, these cats have an aristocratic bearing that, combined with a spotted coat, make them a very sought-after and beautiful animal. They love being around their favorite humans and end up being a great cat to add to other cats who already live with you — these kitties play well with others.

Don't get the impression from their looks that they're stand-offish or playing hard to get, because the Egyptian Mau is one of the friendliest cats around. You might even notice them wagging their tails and performing the kneading motions so prevalent to affectionate cats.

3. Devon Rex

Some cats are just naturally adorable, and while these guys have heads that appear slightly too large for their bodies, they still manage to have a whimsical, lovable persona. Between their curly, short fur and eyes that look like the feline version of a Precious Moments figurine, Devon Rex kitties are playful and interested in their surroundings.

Another "brainy" cat, these guys love learning tricks and performing them for an audience, and they're also called on as often as any other breed to be a therapy cat, as they're typically attentive, affectionate and accepting.

4. Maine Coon

If you like being followed around the house by a large fluff ball, Maine Coons are cats who get attached to their family members quickly and enjoy sitting close for lots of affection. They're also very accommodating of strangers, other cats and dogs in the family.

This breed is friendly, but has a few interesting habits, such as dunking their toys in their water dishes and head butting people when they decide it's time for a little attention. Like a canine counterpart who loves draping all over you, it's possible no one has ever had the nerve to tell them they're not really human.

5. Tonkinese

Much more obliging than their shy cat cousins, the Burmese, the Tonkinese breed is also more laid-back and not quite as chatty as the Siamese. They like more of everything: more petting time, more play time and more together time.

Tonkinese cats are also more affectionate than the average feline, so you might find yourself with a cat of this breed in your lap or even on your shoulder, and not just when you're sitting! Another cat who deftly performs the tricks you want them to learn, one reason for their cooperation may stem from high intelligence and an unwillingness to be bored.

6. Persian

Don't let this cat's quiet demeanor fool you. The blank stare they often seem to give whoever they're around may be less because they're watching for a sudden move to dash away from and more about memorizing your face. Their sweet expression is a perfect reflection of their true temperament: Cuddly love bug.

You've heard of cats who sense when you've had a bad day, gravitating to you to sit with you as if to show solidarity and say everything's OK. That may be another reason why the Persian breed has been in the top picks on the popularity chart for decades.

7. Ragdoll

What sweethearts these kitties are, flexible both in temperament and physically, having a laid-back personality that even accommodates being dressed up in doll clothes and "loved on" by enthralled toddlers.

These cats are sometimes called "puppycats" because they tend to follow their favorite humans around, drape themselves along the backs of sofa where you're sitting and crawl up into your lap so they can lie in your arms, almost like — you got it — a ragdoll.

8. Siamese

Perhaps because of their Sphinx-like appearance, some people believe Siamese cats must be finicky, elusive and hard to please, but that couldn't be further from the truth. One thing Siamese cats are, though, is verbose — they love a good yarn and don't mind telling the same one over and over if you'll just listen.

Along with chattiness, these cats also show how much they enjoy being with you when you come home, often greeting you like a dog is known to do, and demanding your time and affection whenever you sit down.

Owners of Siamese cats often relate stories of how their kitties turned on faucets, opened doors and figured out ways to get where you don't want them to be. That just shows how smart they are. Puzzles and an assortment of cat toys may make your days — and nights — more peaceful.

9. Sphynx

Speaking of a Sphinx, this one has a few of the physical characteristics of the cat of stone we're all familiar with, but far from having a stone-like personality, these cats are playful, whimsical, cuddly and adorable. Yes, they have the impossibly large ears, crinkly skin and wizened face of another character — Yoda — but their personalities are more like an entertainer than a sage.

The best part may be the obvious affection they display toward their favorite humans while watching TV, folding laundry or at bedtime, because they like nothing better than cuddling up on your pillow, often with a paw extended so they can touch you at all times. They like the people they've adopted and don't mind showing it.

Cats Are More Affectionate Than Many People Give Them Credit For

One of the best things about cats is that they have such singular personalities. Unlike dogs, who nearly always show undying devotion, cats are more like people because they often have parts of the day when they go off on their own — just like you sometimes do — to rest and recoup, take a quiet bath and sit for a while to observe what's going on outside.

Affectionate cats will always come back, though, sometimes for a lively romp from room to room for the entertainment factor they can be known for, or a lazy snooze on your lap — or your laptop — because they don't want to miss a thing.

It's true cats are mysterious, and that's the paradoxical quality they have that makes them such fascinating little house buddies. And regarding those kitties who seem to have too much pride to let on for a moment how much they care about their human counterparts, never fear.

They care; they just don't want to say so. If you're interested in adding one of the affectionate cat breeds mentioned above to your family, visit your local purebred rescue organizations or shelters.


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