20 Healthy Tips for 2020 20 Healthy Tips for 2020


Weekly Pet Quiz: Prebiotics, Separation Anxiety and Pet Health

1 What are prebiotics?

  • Microorganisms introduced into the body for their beneficial qualities
  • Vitamins
  • Non-digestible food ingredients in the form of complex sugar

    "Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients in the form of complex sugars and include: Fructooli­gosaccha­rides (FOS), which is produced from the natural fermentation of sugar cane Inulin, which is found naturally in chicory root, garlic and onions (note: never feed onions to pets) Oligofructose, a breakdown product of inulin." Learn more.

  • Proteins found in meat

2 Although there is no definitive explanation exists for why some dogs develop separation anxiety, what could be one cause?

  • Some breeds can be predisposed

    No definitive explanation exists for why some dogs develop separation anxiety and others don't. Some breeds may be genetically predisposed to the condition; however, nurture seems to play a bigger role than nature. Early socialization and a puppy's experiences before 6 months of age certainly play a large role. Learn more.

  • You unknowingly cause it by ignoring them
  • Food can cause this behavior
  • An underlying disease

3 What's one of the ways you can exercise your cat?

  • You don't have to exercise cats
  • Chase her around the house
  • Cuddle her
  • Walk him on a leash

    It's easier to get your cat physically active than you might think, for example, hide kitty's portion-controlled food around the house and let her hunt for it. Ensure she has climbing and scratching surfaces, high perches and interactive toys that bring out her predator instincts. Also consider providing your kitty with a safe, secure outdoor enclosure and/or train her to walk with you on a harness and leash. Learn more.

4 How often does a dog need to be exercised in order to retain muscle mass?

  • Every day
  • Every other day at a minimum
  • Every 3 days at a minimum

    Exercise consistency is key. Your dog needs to exercise every three days at a minimum to just maintain muscle tone and prevent muscle wasting. It's also important to elevate her heart rate for 20 minutes during exercise. If your dog is out of shape, you'll need to start slow and build gradually to 20 minutes per session. Although every 3 days is bare minimum, daily exercise is best for dogs. Learn more.

  • Once a week is fine

5 More people are transitioning their pets from a dry to a fresh food diet to improve their pet's health.

  • TRUE

    The real reason most people switch from processed to fresh food: their pet's health. The rise in the popularity of fresh food is due in large part to the growing awareness among pet guardians of the link between processed pet food and many of the diseases suffered by today's dogs and cats. Learn more.

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