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Weekly Pet Quiz: Declawing, Choking & Geriatric Pets

1 What is feline stomatitis?

  • A stomach disease
  • An oral disease

    Feline stomatitis is a chronic, serious and very painful oral condition that occurs in cats. "Stoma" is Latin for "mouth," and "itis" means "inflammation." There are several other names for the condition, including lymphocytic-plasmacytic stomatitis, feline chronic gingivostomatitis, immune-mediated feline refractory stomatitis and feline generalized oral inflammatory disease.

    Stomatitis inflammation appears in the mouth as angry red swollen tissue. It can be localized, but it usually involves the whole mouth and often the back of the throat. Even the underlying bone in the mouth can become inflamed or infected. Learn more

  • A type of cancer
  • A disease that affects cat brains

2 Why is cat declawing referred to as de-toeing?

  • It's just an expression
  • Because only one toe gets left intact
  • Because it doesn't only remove the nail, it removes parts of the claws, bones, nerves, etc.

    I'm not sure who came up with the term declawing, because it's quite misleading. The name implies only a cat's claws are permanently removed, however, it's impossible to remove the claws without amputating a portion of each toe. More specifically, declawing isn't a nail trim or even nail removal. It's amputation of the claw, bones, nerves, the joint capsule, collateral ligaments and the extensor or flexor tendons. Learn more

  • Because cats have the feeling that their entire paw is removed

3 What's a common cause of choking in pets?

  • Foreign objects

    It's usually not even a large piece that can cause a problem; in fact, it's usually a small object that's just small enough to fit in the back of their throat. Many items that may be safe at first, like a rawhide bone or some other toy, because smaller and smaller when they're gnawed on long enough and at that point become cause for concern. Bottom line, if an object is of a size that can get stuck in the animal's windpipe, it can be life-threatening. Learn more

  • Common objects at home
  • Dry food
  • Raw food

4 What is one common health problem that pugs are predisposed to?

  • Ear infections
  • Obesity
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Breathing problems

    Pugs suffer from a long list of potentially devastating health problems, including: breathing difficulties, heart problems, high blood pressure and low blood oxygen levels. Learn more

5 It's beneficial for geriatric pets, both cats and dogs, to get massages.

  • TRUE

    Pet massages, especially for older furry friends, is different from human massage. The technique for dogs involves slow, gentle strokes and stretches, combined with light, rhythmic tapping.

    When it comes to cats, the approach to massage is highly dependent on what an individual kitty will put up with. If your cat enjoys being petted and is used to having his tail, paws and head touched, he's probably a good candidate for massage. If he doesn't enjoy being handled, it's likely massage won't be a healing or comforting experience for him. Learn more

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