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Weekly Pet Quiz: Blue Buffalo Lawsuit, Parvo Deaths and Puppies-for-Profit Schemes

1 After a massive lawsuit, Blue Buffalo ultimately claimed it had been defrauded by its suppliers. What was the truth?

  • They were lying to their buyers.
  • They were telling the truth.

    Recently I came across a convoluted tale of dirty dealings in the processed pet food industry that I know will interest (but not surprise) many of you who are regular visitors here at Mercola Healthy Pets. You may remember that in 2014, Nestlé Purina PetCare filed a lawsuit against Blue Buffalo, alleging Blue Buffalo had lied to customers about its use of natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo issued a public response on its website from founder and chairman, Bill Bishop. Bishop asserted that his company categorically denied the allegations and would defend the integrity of the Blue Buffalo brand and its products. Bishop reiterated Blue Buffalo's advertising claims that his company does not use chicken or poultry byproduct meal, ground corn, or artificial preservatives in any of their products. In a further response a few days later, Bishop reassured the public that his company had never purchased even a kernel of corn or an ounce of poultry byproduct meal. Blue Buffalo ultimately claimed it had been defrauded by its suppliers, and it turns out the company was correct, since discoveries in the case filed by Purina turned up some very shady practices involving a feed ingredient company. Learn more.

  • The got sued again for lying.
  • No one knows because the lawsuit is not settled yet.

2 How many rabbits are born daily in the UK?

  • 500 thousand
  • 1 million
  • 1.4 million
  • 1.9 million

    No discussion of animal reproduction would be complete without discussing rabbits, which have earned quite the reputation as prolific breeders. There are an estimated 40 million breeding rabbits in the U.K., which produce an average of seven litters each with five kittens per litter. This equates to more than 1.9 million rabbits born daily — and that's just in the U.K. Learn more.

3 How many chickens are born every day all over the world?

  • 52 million
  • 62 million

    The BBC used data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to estimate that more than 62 million are born worldwide every day. Learn more.

  • 82 million
  • 100 million

4 How soon do most deaths from parvo occur?

  • Less than a day
  • 24-48 hours
  • 48-72 hours

    Most deaths from parvo occur within 48 to 72 hours after the onset of symptoms, which is why it's critical that you take your dog to a veterinarian or emergency animal hospital immediately if he shows any signs of the infection. And since the disease is so contagious, affected dogs must be isolated to minimize spread of infection. Learn more.

  • It takes a few weeks

5 There's a relatively new and heinous twist to the puppies-for-profit scheme. What is it?

  • Buying dogs from pet stores
  • Leasing puppies from pet stores

    There's a relatively new and heinous twist to the puppies-for-profit scheme: leasing. CBS News tells the story of two young women in Brooklyn, NY, roommates, who fell in love with a designer "Frenchton" (a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier mix) at a pet store. The puppy was selling for $1,350, which was a price the roommates couldn't afford, so a salesman talked them into "leasing" her. Once home with their pup, they looked more closely at their contract and realized she wouldn't actually belong to them until they'd paid around $3,300 for their $1,350 pet over a two-year period. If the roommates failed to keep up their monthly payments, the store would repossess their living, breathing and sentient pet as though she were a car. Of course, pet retailers love leases not only for the exorbitant monthly "lease fees," but also because they're able to sell pets while they're still puppies and therefore at their most desirable age. Wags Lending, a 5-year-old company, says they have "… carefully crafted a lease purchase agreement so that you can enjoy the pet that you have always wanted, when you want. Learn more.

  • Borrowing pets for free
  • Secretly supporting puppy mills
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