Weekly Pet Quiz: Canine Influenza, Marijuana Poisoning and Senior Pets

1 Symptoms of canine influenza (CIV) include coughing, hacking or gagging, and laryngitis.

  • True

    Symptoms of a CIV infection include coughing, hacking or gagging, and laryngitis; serious symptoms tend to occur only in very young puppies, geriatric dogs, or dogs who are immuno-suppressed, highly stressed or otherwise debilitated. Learn more.

  • False

2 According to a recent survey, a(n) ____ of U.K. cat parents don't know their pets are carnivores.

  • Third
  • Fifth

    Research conducted by a pet food company, Lily's Kitchen, and reported by The Independent, revealed that a fifth of pet parents in the U.K. don't even know their cats are carnivores. Learn more.

  • Eighth
  • Quarter

3 The Pet Poison Hotline has reported a ____ percent increase in calls for marijuana poisoning over the past six years.

  • 125
  • 248
  • 355
  • 448

    The Pet Poison Helpline reported a stunning 448 percent increase in calls for marijuana poisoning over the past six years, with the majority involving pets who ingested marijuana-laced food products. Learn more.

4 In a recent study, what has been proven to be a health benefit for children?

  • Exposure to pets

    Pets in childhood come along with physical health benefits, as they may provide protection against eczema and allergies. Exposure to a variety of bacteria, parasites and microbes, including those from pets, may help prime the immune system to function optimally, helping it to recognize when a serious immune response is needed and when an exposure is harmless. Learn more.

  • Soda
  • Fast food
  • Cigarette smoke

5 What is something you can do to keep your senior pet mentally sharp?

  • Over-vaccinate
  • Nothing
  • Exercise regularly

    Keep your pet's body and mind active with regular exercise appropriate for her age and physical condition, and mental stimulation (puzzles and treat-release toys can be beneficial). Learn more.

  • Feed them kibble

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