20 Healthy Tips for 2020 20 Healthy Tips for 2020


Weekly Pet Quiz: Verbal Commands, Heart Disease and Diabetes

1 Which of the following is NOT one the verbal commands your dog should reliably respond to?

  • Sit
  • Roll over

    To ensure your pet stays safe (and also well-mannered), be sure he or she can reliably respond to the verbal cues "come," "sit," "down/stay" and "drop it." Learn more.

  • Come
  • Drop it

2 Heart disease affects __ percent of the general population of domestic cats.

  • 6
  • 12
  • 15

    Like dogs and humans, cats can also have heart disease, and in fact, it affects about 15 percent of the general population of domestic kitties. Learn more.

  • 22

3 Bad dog breath is normal and should not be considered a serious health problem.

  • True
  • False

    More than half the U.K. pet parents surveyed believed bad doggy breath was normal and not a symptom of poor dental health; only a fifth worried about bad breath being a sign of a serious health problem. When plaque isn't removed from your dog's teeth, it collects there and around the gum line and within a few days hardens into tartar. Tartar sticks to the teeth and ultimately irritates the gums. Irritated gums become inflamed — a condition known as gingivitis. Learn more.

4 When choosing a shelter dog, what is best to base your decision on?

  • Looks
  • Color
  • Breed
  • Personality

    Avoid choosing your pet based on looks, color or breed alone, and instead make the decision based on personality and your lifestyle. Learn more.

5 What is the primary reason pets develop diabetes?

  • Obesity

    Obesity is by far the biggest reason pets develop diabetes. The majority of pets in the U.S. consume a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet, even though dogs and cats have no physiological requirement for grains like corn, wheat, rice, soy, millet or quinoa as sources of energy. Learn more.

  • Exercise
  • Species-appropriate diet
  • Over-vaccination

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