Bioresonance: Addressing Energy Imbalances in the Body

Analysis by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

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  • Today’s Pet Game Changer is Dr. Anja Kordon, a veterinarian who practices bioresonance therapy and other alternative modalities at her holistic practice in Naples, FL
Dr. Becker

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Today’s Pet Game Changer is veterinarian Dr. Anja Kordon, owner of the Animal Health Oasis, a holistic practice located in Naples, FL.

Dr. Kordon is originally from Germany, arriving in the U.S. in 2000. She was already drawn to a more holistic approach to veterinary care, and initially went to work at an exotic animal clinic. There, Dr. Kordon learned about bioresonance therapy. By the end of 2004, she had her own machine and began building her practice in Naples.

In my experience, doctors and veterinarians in Europe are much more open to what in the U.S. is considered alternative medicine. In fact, many conventional veterinarians in this country who were trained in other countries tend to embrace a more natural approach. I asked Dr. Kordon if it was a bit of a culture shock when she began working with U.S.-trained veterinarians.

“Veterinary medicine is much more business driven here,” she replied. “I saw very quickly that it was much more about making a big income than focusing on patients.”

Bioresonance Therapy

I asked Dr. Kordon to explain bioresonance therapy, which uses a machine to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body:

“Everything in this world has a frequency, including bacteria and viruses,” she said. “We live in a sea of frequencies. All empty spaces are filled with frequencies. For example, electromagnetic frequencies are frequencies in the air. Anything with a frequency can be input into the bioresonance machine. It is like a tuning fork that sends the frequency to a patient, in my case, an animal.

So, you send that frequency to them and you see whether that frequency resonates with them or doesn't resonate with them. That means I have an echoing back and forth, or I don't. I get a yes or no answer.

Another way of doing this without a machine would be kinesiology, which is muscle testing. But I can go through much more with a frequency machine. Along with testing for frequencies, I can also send frequencies and also read frequencies from the animal that are sent back.

You can do a circle where they're hooked up with electrodes, where you kind of filter out the bad frequencies when they come into the machine. The machine has a filter inside, and it can filter those out and can send only the good frequencies or invert the bad frequencies.

We also use it for anesthesia. I first would test the anesthetic for that. And so, I had different ideas for how I could put this animal under, and I would test which one is good for this animal because I'm not totally sure.

And then afterwards I would right away take, basically that vial that I injected, and invert the frequency, and the animal woke up like nothing happened because you kind of help the body to eliminate that imprinted frequency in the body. So, there's lots of things you can do.”

Energy medicine is difficult to explain, but we can do anything and everything with it. We have an incredibly diverse spectrum with energetic medicine. For me, it’s been a matter of “seeing is believing.” I'm not able to make my colleagues understand what I do or why I do it, and I've actually just quit trying to explain. The important thing is that I’m working my hardest to improve each animal’s ability to heal and respond and restore.

The animal’s conventional veterinarian and I can work together, even though we have different vantage points and viewpoints and philosophies and ideas, and maybe we don't understand each other, but we can still work together to improve the health of the animal. Oftentimes, conventional veterinarians are able to see a healing response they haven’t seen before, because they’ve never been introduced to this type of medicine.

Energy Medicine

I asked Dr. Kordon if she sees many patients for wellness maintenance, or if her patients are primarily injured or ill.

“I still get too many people that only hear about me because their pets have so many problems, like cancer, or chronic issues with digestion or skin disorders,” she replied. “I just finished eight educational podcasts that I've put up on my website that people can watch or listen to for free and learn how to help prevent illness in their animals.”

The North American model is a disease model, a reactive medicine model where we see the doctor when we’re not well, but no one really teaches us how to stay well or how to prevent the body from breaking.

Using energy, especially the subtle shifts in our vibration, are clues early on. Before there's any type of structural disease, there are biochemical imbalances that can be detected with super sensitive machines. A lot of people who’ve never heard of this could be watching and thinking, "Oh my gosh, what a bunch of malarkey."

I asked Dr. Kordon if many conventional veterinarians have shown interest in her work. She replied that some, primarily holistic vets have contacted her to learn more about the machine and some have gone on to purchase one.

I think the more we can have open conversations about energy medicine, the more “normal” it will become, and the more people will recognize that energy is what drives our electrical system, our central nervous system, it's what fires our cells. And yet, we tend to forget about addressing energy imbalances in the body.

Electrically Charged Foods

Next, I asked Dr. Kordon what she loves most about the very unique work she does.

“I truly feel I can help prevent illness in animals,” she answered. “And I love it when I can convince an owner to start feeding the correct food. The animal is not the hindrance. The animal only cheats if the owner cheats.

Animals don’t develop emotional addictions to food. When you put the right fuel into the body, the body will work right. And the right fuel is really electricity. It's electrons. And that's basically what you do with frequency medicine.

You feed them electrically charged food, lots of green food. Right now, I’m actually rethinking the model of how we feed animals, because I just was made aware of a situation where a tiger was very sick with colon cancer. All he received was raw broccoli and he healed from colon cancer.

And I'm like, ‘How did you get a tiger to eat raw broccoli?’ I was told they love it, especially raw, because it's electrically charged. Anything green that is grown organically is electrically charged.”

Finally, I asked Dr. Kordon what one thing she would like to share with the world.

“When we focus more on prevention and testing everything that goes into an animal, we connect with nature,” she replied. “The body is the earth. We need to connect with nature and stop being the enemy of mother earth. We need to rethink what we're doing to our bodies, and also to the earth.”

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Kordon and her unique approach to veterinary medicine, you can visit her website Animal Health Oasis. While you’re there, be sure to visit the Media tab where you’ll find tutorials, podcasts and videos.



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