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This pet-friendly article was brought to you by Dr. Karen Becker, Mercola Healthy Pets resident proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian. For more pet care tips and to stay up to date with her latest recommendations, visit where you can also get your FREE Homemade Treats for Healthy Pets E-book today!

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“Aflatoxin-related illness is seen much more often in dogs than cats because more commercial dog foods than cat foods contain corn products,” says Dr. Karen Becker on her article “Ditch This Pet Food Now – Can Be Deadly to Your Pets.”

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Becker, K. “Ditch This Pet Food Now – Can Be Deadly to Your Pets.” Retrieved March 20, 2012, from


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About Dr. Becker

I was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and I began volunteering at a local humane society at the age of 13 and continued shelter work for the next decade. Through my experiences with working with homeless, abused and unwanted animals, I became an animal advocate. I became a state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator at age 14, a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator at age 16 and acquired my permit to rehabilitate endangered species in 2002.

I founded the first proactive animal hospital in the Chicago area in 1999, opened an exotic animal hospital in 2001, and a rehabilitation and pain management clinic in 2011. Today, I still practice medicine, but also enjoy educating people about natural health through TV and radio interviews, lectures and presentations.

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