Cute Pet Videos

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Morning Playtime for Westie Puppy and His Big Sister

A 9-week-old Westie, Buckley, is eager to get to know his 11-year-old sibling, Lily. Then he heads outside to play and explore on his own until he's tired enough for naptime!

Gift Giving Is This Cat's Love Language

This cat knows he's loved when his favorite people chat, exclaim and say "thank you" each time he drops off gifts like pinecones he's found around the neighborhood.

'Look How Happy That Dog Is!'

"This pittie has the happiest, squishiest, goofiest face ever," his favorite humans say. Meaty loves being treated like a giant baby and doesn't even mind wearing pajamas!

Cat Named Balam Is an Internet Sensation

Balam seems more exotic than the breed "Oriental shorthair" suggests. Since he has something to say about almost everything (just ask him!), he's become an internet star!

Goose Adopts a Woman and Both Their Lives Are Changed

Bemused when a goose started following her at the park, almost as if he knew her, this woman began visiting him daily. Domesticated waterfowl have a minimal chance of surviving in the wild and this wise...

Trust Works Both Ways for Woman and Feral Kitty

Blind in one eye and a certified "hisser," the feral cat this woman brought home was a little disconcerting. But soon: "The more trust I put in him, the more trust he put in me."

Dog Trying to Drink Shadow Water

In just 11 seconds, this cute pug demonstrates how funny it can be to capture a pet's antics on video, even though they don't know they might be embarrassed later!

Ocean-Loving Cat Is Living the Dream

Marlin is a kitten raised by dogs; so naturally, he thinks he's one, too. Living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Marlin has learned to love ocean life, swimming, boating and living the dream!

Sweet Life in the Barnyard

A pit bull named Sharky plays with the roosters on the farm even though they're bossy. He likes watching (and mothering) the chicks, ducklings and Penélope, a guinea pig.

Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep on the Baby

A sleepy little puppy named Callie is a little wobbly on her feet as she sits next to a sleeping baby. Finally, she just lies down herself with her head right next to the baby's.