Cute Pet Videos

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Cats and Their Affinity for Boxes

Luna, Sandy, Jae-Jae and Evee show how invested cats are in finding bags or boxes or anything roughly resembling them to sit in. Luckily, they can be found all over the house!

Nanny Cam Poodle Playing Piano and Singing

Noise complaints from the neighbors left some people bemused until they set up a nanny camera and saw their poodle playing the piano and singing (and howling) loudly!

Cheetahs: 5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know

Besides being the world’s fastest land animals, other interesting facts about cheetahs include their ability to use their tails as rudders, and that one species originated in Iran.

Woman Fosters a Pregnant Dog, Then Her 9 Puppies

Fostering not only a pregnant dog but later Bailey’s nine puppies was a bit chaotic for eight weeks, but once the pups were available for adoption, they got 40 requests the first day!

'I Was Never a Cat Person. Then I Got Her'

Tentatively fostering the cat she dubbed Anya, Samantha had a feeling she and Anya would click. But when someone opted to adopt, she knew she couldn’t let that happen.

Homesick Baby Cow Gets a Baby Goat

Buckley, an adorable calf, cried without stopping because he missed his mom. Someone wondered if getting him a goat would help, and they’re friends to this day!

German Shepherd Puppy Meets Kittens for the First Time

A cat rests on the bed with her new kittens when the German shepherd puppy is allowed in. He’s curious, in awe, smitten and paternal, and the cat is very trusting!

Ibizan Breed: Statuesque and Calm

Originating from Spain, Ibizans are more reminiscent of ancient Egypt with their elongated heads and large, erect ears. They can be shorthaired or wire-haired.

Kittens Awed by Thunderstorm

Pounding rain and flashes of lightning are a fascinating spectacle for these kittens, but moisture from a partially open window make it an even more interactive experience!

Two Male Stray Cats Become Instant BFFs

Adopted as a street cat, Dan was so lonely he just stared at himself in the mirror. When Dale arrived to be his companion, the two male felines formed an immediate bond.