Cute Pet Videos

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Cat's First Encounter With Snow

A guy recorded his cat Oscar’s first encounter with snow, and he wasn’t disappointed! Oscar was cautious at first, but soon got caught up in the glory of all that fun white stuff!

Playing a Trick on a German Shepherd

Allowing his German shepherd take the lead on their walk around the neighborhood, a guy hides behind a tree just to mess with him. It takes the pup a few seconds to notice.

Samson: Such a Sweet, Forgiving Dog

There stands Samson, right by the door, looking all sad and dejected until his owner tells him she’s sorry she’s been gone so long. True to form, Samson is ready to forgive.

Red Oxpeckers and Water Buffalo Do the Barter System

Red oxpeckers live up to their name and share a symbiotic relationship with water buffalo: one eats ticks from the other’s ears and noses while the other gets pest control!

Alaskan Malamute Puppy Talk

An 8-week-old Alaskan Malamute puppy named Indiana produces a wide array of adorable squeaks, growls and yips when her owner gets on all fours to play with her.

British Shorthair Kittens Smitten With Fluffy Chick

Three fluffy British shorthair kittens named Garfield, Bianca and Caramel are first curious, then smitten by the tiny, equally fluffy chick who wanders into their play area.

Soldier Finally Comes Home, But Her Dog's Not Too Sure!

She’s been in the military for two years, and after all that time, it takes her dog a few minutes to gradually realize it’s really her, and then he can’t contain his excitement!

When a Naughty Lion Cub Ignores His Mom

A curious lion cub at the watering hole with his pride learns that when he ignores his mom’s warnings to avoid the water’s edge, she’ll take matters into her own ... teeth!

Toddler Loves Caressing His Husky's Ears

Parker’s bedtime ritual involves his dog, Millie — or her ears, to be precise! After his bottle, Parker moves to the bed he shares with Millie before they both curl up to sleep.

Cat vs. Dog on Hallway Obstacle Challenge

Precariously placed pencils, markers and lipstick tubes set upright in the hallway are there to challenge the cautious ingenuity of the cat versus the dog. Sorry — no contest!