Cute Pet Videos

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Half-Pound Puppy Wins Over Older Dog

One look at Chewie and it’s easy to fall in love, but early on, physical problems caused dire concerns. Spinal fusion in his neck made all the difference. Now look at him prance!

19-Year-Old Foster Pup Picks His Own Toy

Ace’s shelter was evacuated during the California fires. Soon afterward, he gained a foster mom who wanted to celebrate by taking him to the store to pick his own toy.

Kitten Without a Home Is Adopted by a Special Mama

First there was a pregnant foster cat, Purrsephene. She seemed to turn a corner when resident cat, Chester, visited her, but a new kitten suddenly needed special attention.

Returned to Her Foster Parents, Scared Pup Learns to Trust

Far from being “too much work” because she was too scared to engage, Chips Ahoy’s fosters knew she just needed time, and realized they couldn’t give her to another home.

How These People Helped Their Dog Make Friends

They knew their adopted dog acted a little goofy at times, such as her adorable little prance when she ran. Then they found Maddie had had a previous brain stem injury.

When a Tiny Baby Goat Thinks She's a Cat

Only 2 pounds at 5 days old, this baby goat was no bigger than a Kleenex box. She engaged well with other animals, though, so they let her roam freely in the house.

Pittie Wanted to Keep His Injured Foster Sister

When Opal met her foster sister, Duke, they so wanted to play together, but Opal’s injuries prevented it for months. Inevitably, their close bond required Opal’s adoption.

Video Game Streamer Becomes a Kitten-Rescuing Hero

Finding two tiny, sick kittens in her backyard, this woman sought out a vet, thinking she’d return them to their mom when they were better, but their mom never appeared.

'When She Lies Down in My Lap, I Feel Centered'

Coming from a hoarding situation, this pup needed freedom to love and be loved. “Her ears and her eyes and her face are just like, ‘I’m so excited to be out here, playing!’”

Homeless Kitty Adopted Her Humans

Before arriving at their door one freezing night, cold and sick, Stella likely fended for herself outside for months. She picked the right people; she found her forever home!