Cute Pet Videos

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How a Pet Tortoise Bonded With a Puppy

The minute Tilly G, a tortoise, arrived in their backyard, these people saw him begin to thrive. It only got better when a new puppy, Skippy, arrived to give him lots of kisses!

Shiba Inu Is Thrilled When His Human Comes Home

A small Shiba Inu waits for his favorite human to come home, then can hardly contain his excitement! But the joy is just as sweet for his owner, who's waited all day for this!

Playful Golden Retriever Meets an Adorable New Puppy

From the moment he was born and as he grew, an impossibly tiny ball of black fur became the object of this golden retriever's constant care, friendship and playtime fun.

Interesting Bird Bounces Golf Balls on Concrete

From the number of golf balls in this area of a golf course, one has to wonder if the seriema bird stole them to play with and bounce them high on a concrete sidewalk!

Golden Retriever Likes Being His Family's Mail Carrier

This mail carrier knows the drill. She uses mailboxes for most deliveries, but at this golden retriever's house, she uses his mouth as a mail slot so he can deliver by mouth!

Starving Cat Takes a Chance on the Right Human

Meowing but also hissing, this cat had to choose between starving and taking a chance on the friendly overtures of a woman who fed him (carefully) until she gained his trust.

'Some Kinds of Happiness Don't Need Words'

Brody, a St. Bernard, introduced himself to equally adorable Sally, an elderly neighbor lady. Their extraordinary companionship was beautiful to see, even as time passed.

Kitty Meets Her Love Interest on a Walk

This cat owner thinks the attention the neighbor cat, Leo, pays to her kitty, Jamey, is cute, but the cats' mutual adoration suggests something a little more earthy is going on!

Abandoned Kitten Becomes Bicyclist's Travel Companion

Biking around the world, Dean was waylaid by a hungry kitten. Now, snuggled in his satchel or on his shoulder, they ride together. Next stop: Scotland to meet his family!

Smart Mama Duck Helps Her Babies Exit a Pool

A mama duck hoped the edge of the pool was short enough for her babies to climb out, but that didn't work — neither did a human's help. The ducklings needed a better solution.