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Sick Shelter Dog Captures 2-Year-Old Girl's Heart

You never saw anything more adorable than this tiny, patient, 2-year-old girl, G, walking her soon-to-be pet pit bull away from the shelter on a leash. Today, they’re inseparable.

She Wasn't a Cat Person, but Then She Found 'Kit'

First, the cold little kitten she didn’t intend to keep was simply “The Kitten.” That turned to “The Kit” and finally “Kit.” There was always an excuse to keep Kit just a little longer!

Mongolia's Rare Bactrian Camels

BBC Planet Earth features Bactrian camels in the Gobi Desert, where winter conditions are very harsh. It’s the time for breeding, however, and the male’s odd courtship ritual.

Kitten Named Earl Won't Give Up the Bottle

His siblings moved on to wet food, but Earl insisted on the bottle for weeks! “He was a character from Day One,” his owner said, adding, “He made me laugh constantly!”

Dreadlocked: The Puli Dog

Known for their long dreadlocks, pulis are medium-sized herd or livestock guard dogs. A group is known as a pulik. Like most other dogs, these guys love to run, jump and play!

Roly-Poly Pup Actually Loves His 'Attack Cat'

On a typical “day in the life,” this very round pup wearing a light blue muscle shirt enjoys being groomed by, then wrestling with, his best, only slightly maternalistic tabby cat pal!

People Keep Asking, 'Is She Really a Dog?'

With her long, wispy fur, twig-like legs and long, pink nose, “She looks otherworldly,” her rescuer says of her tiny albino pup, Falkor. “It’s been an honor to get to be her person.”

Stray Dog on Couple's Porch Loves Her New Life

From the moment the injured pit bull showed up on their porch, “She was nothing but sweet,” said the caring woman at the house where Betsy found her forever home.

Baby Salamanders Begin Their Metamorphosis

Found in North America, spotted salamanders start underwater as eggs. In just weeks, their metamorphosis involves growing legs, hunting for food and finally, living on land.

Dogs: So What Is This Small Furry Thing?

First the stray kitten needed food, then a bath and a vet to treat her fleas. Back at home, their big dogs loved observing her. Before long they were playing and napping together!