Cute Pet Videos

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Oversized Tennis Ball Wins Over Scared Beagle

Terrified after her rescue, a little beagle slowly began to emerge from her shell. What really did the trick was when they gave her a huge tennis ball. The video is hilarious!

Rescued but Lonely, a Baby Camel Finds a Bovine Friend

When a baby camel named Sir Camelot arrived at Speranza Animal Rescue, the other animals ran away from him until a calf arrived, and the two developed an instant connection.

What About This Dog Was a 'Glorious Surprise?'

These people fell in love with Blaze’s online photo and couldn’t wait to adopt him. Though he had vision problems and other challenges, they wouldn’t change a thing.

Foster Fail Cat Helps Foster More Kittens

A very affectionate cat, Chester loved other fostered kittens so well that he inspired his owner to start Baby Kitten Rescue, focusing on neonatal and special needs rescue.

Cat: Will Perform for Food!

Apollo was 3 months old when this guy adopted him with his sister, Artemis. Apollo is so loving they call him a “puppy cat.” He loves food and will jump as high as 6 feet to get it!

Meet an Adorable 8-Week-Old Morkie!

Kylo is half Yorkie and Maltese, which makes him a Morkie! He’s been a handful since he moved in with his new family, but he’s so adorable, they can’t take their eyes off him!

A Husky/Corgi Mix With a Napoleon Complex

It seems Luna has an attitude by her terse comments and expression, but they probably weren’t meant to make anyone chuckle! She may be opinionated, but she’s cute!

Pup Needed Therapy; Now He's a Therapy Dog

Left in a public restroom at 5 weeks old, Hugo was unable to use his hind legs. But therapy was very successful and even led to him becoming a therapy dog himself!

Smart Cat Chooses Her Favorite Words

It took Billi two months to learn the words on these push buttons, which enable her to choose ones that express her needs and desires, from “catnip” to “food” to “mad!”

Horse Runs to Greet Her Favorite Dog Every Morning

Every morning, no matter how far out in the pasture he might be, this horse, Destiny, runs to greet his best friend, a sweet dog named Orion. Then the zoomies begin!