Cute Pet Videos

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TLC Transforms Ailing Kitten to Fluffy and Fearless!

This 6-week-old kitten needed a lot more care than the average kitten of his age, but receiving that, little Walter White went from critically malnourished to fluffy and fearless!

Service Dog Is Smart, but She Can't Read — Yet

Harlow is amazingly accurate when her fetching expertise is needed, but her owner gets a good laugh when, after several errands done correctly, Har makes one little slip-up.

Nursing Home Workers Pretend Not to See Kitty Visitor

When a man went to live at a nursing home, he was separated from his beloved cat, but Chicken Little’s new owner knew a visit would help both the patient and the kitty.

Driver Helps Wild Colt Get Back to His Mom

When a driver noticed a colt running down the road, with the mom and the herd on the other side of the guard rail, his compassion — and his muscles — kicked into overdrive!

Cutest Baby Goat: 'Please Keep Petting Me!'

His comical, pleading “squee” sounds and his little tongue sticking out make this kidlet one of the most adorable baby animals ever! All he wants is for the petting to never end!

She Rescued Kilo, and He Saved Her Right Back

This is a story of how a dog changed a woman’s life, starting when she volunteered at an animal shelter and met Kilo, but extra measures were required to make him her own.

Smart Dogs Can Be so Independent!

Independent dogs can be very self-sufficient, picking up their own treats and taking themselves on walks and all, while their loving humans smile and just let them think so!

Easygoing Chicken Named 'Girl' Bonds With a Real One

“Girl” is a very easygoing chicken. A real girl, Honor, carries her around everywhere, even showing her off to the pigs, goats, horses and donkeys at Sycamore Tree Ranch.

Little Girl Gives Online Class an Epic Pit Bull Report

E-learning, including question and answer time, can be fun and fascinating when you get to hear cute presentations like the one Scarlett gave about her pit bull, Lebowski!

Underweight Kitten Left in a Box Becomes a 'Wild Child'

Called “difficult” when it came to thriving along with her siblings, Kelly was shy and clearly failing, but foster humans helped get her healthy and find a loving forever home.