Cute Pet Videos

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Fluffy Kitten Plays With Tree Ornaments

Meet a tiny kitten named Zlata, doing what kittens love to do best at Christmas or any other time: play with low-hanging ornaments, and she’s not much bigger than they are!

'I Got a Cat in My Lap, I Can't Get Up!'

You don’t need an imagination to hear this beautiful cat’s one-word reply to every situation, and her “Okay” is always timed appropriately! To her, it’s all gonna be okay!

Dog Adopts a Tiny, Crying Lamb

Rejected by her mom, a lamb named Beau was bleating sadly until resident pup Max adopted her. The two remained close even when Beau returned to the sheep pen.

Woman Refuses to Give Up on Stray Cat

While her landlord insisted cats weren’t allowed, a woman kept feeding a forlorn stray she named Tiger that kept gravitating toward her. Don’t worry; there’s a happy ending!

Fluffball Milo Vs. the Stairs

Milo has changed quite a bit since he was just a little ball of fluff, when it took him a minute to master a carpeted stairway. All his life he’s been modeling colorful shirts!

Stray Cat Chooses His (Her) Family

A small tortoiseshell kitty started hanging out around their patio. They fed him, naturally, and named him Kevin. Then they learned Kevin was a girl and that she was pregnant!

Pup Named Pipsqueak Quacks Like a Duck!

Special circumstances required Pip’s fosters to find a new home for her. That’s when this woman learned about the tiny, special needs dog and her quacking bark noises!

Stray Cat Becomes Car Shop Greeter

When Buster the stray cat showed up at Ray's car shop, Ray made Buster the official office cat. Ray always takes Buster home on the weekends to be with his other rescues.

Three-Day-Old Kitten Adopted by a Great Dane

Corbin, a 160-pound Great Dane, fell head-over-heels for this tiny baby kitten named Potato. Three days old, Potato didn’t have a mom, and Corbin filled that role beautifully!

Mama Goat Waits While Her Baby Is Rescued From a Cliff

As expert rescuers used different tactics to get a baby goat down from a precipice he’s been stuck on for hours, the baby goat’s mom waited nearby until they were reunited.