Cute Pet Videos

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The Sophisticated Lifestyle of the Prairie Dog

Besides their sophisticated mode of communication (barking), prairie dogs are known for play fighting and watching each other’s backs for both personal and home security.

Dog Asks Man to Help Save Her Babies From the Rain

When a homeowner followed a street dog to an out-of-the-way spot near his home, he found three cold, wet puppies needing a dry refuge before more heavy rain came down.

This Is Where a Clever Pup Gets Complimentary Massages

While she doesn’t care for the soap gushing over the vehicles at the carwash, this clever pup knows if her timing is right, the buffing mechanism will supply the perfect massage!

Calf Named After a Hurricane Becomes Little Boy's Bud

Rescued from the waters of Hurricane Harvey, this little calf was adopted almost on the spot. She first met Nick and his son, Wyatt, but Harvey later needed a cow pal, too.

Tiny Puppy Becomes Golden Retriever's Best Pal

Playful but gentle, this sweet golden retriever had nothing but “best pal” on his mind when a tiny puppy was adopted, and before long, started running circles around him!

Cat Named Carrot Is Always Game for 'Dress Up'

Not many cats are as patient as this one is to play along with four little girls who love taking walks, doing e-learning and dressing up together to pretend all kinds of things!

Guy Flies Hours to Reclaim Lost Dog

On a run across the Gobi Desert, a guy noticed a dog following him. It didn’t take long to decide to take her home to the U.K., but many miles and hurdles had to be crossed first.

Can You Bribe a Mouse Out of Your Car With a French Fry?

Finding a mouse on his dashboard, this guy tries coaxing him out with a French fry, vows to freak out if the mouse jumps on him and captures it all on his cellphone.

Koala Likes the Car's AC and Doesn't Want to Leave!

A guy in Australia stopped his car to check his vineyard, leaving the AC on and the door open. Getting back in the car, he “noticed these fluffy ears coming up from right behind.”

Tiny Pit Bull Puppy Always Wears a Smile

Luckily, a smiling puppy found near a dangerous road was rescued. When a woman visiting the shelter held Layla just once, she vowed the next day was adoption day!