Cute Pet Videos

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Two Feral Cats Will Restore Your Faith in True Love

After a sad separation by well-meaning humans, Sad Boy and Lola are even more devoted. Once again, they have each other’s backs and never miss a sunset together.

The Best Time to Check Out a Playful Puppy

A little nervous to be around a playful puppy, this kitten waited until the pup was so exhausted he never knew when she sniffed his ears or curled up with him for a nap!

Wait 'Till You See Nutmeg's 1st Birthday Celebration!

Fully invested in a very sick little pittie, many weeks went by before Nutmeg turned into the vibrant pup she is today! Wait ‘til you see how they celebrated her first birthday!

Bengal Cat Loves Her Human's Carefree Life

Mia is an uncommonly adventurous cat! She also wants to go everywhere her human goes. What makes it even better is that Mia “is way happier outdoors than indoors!”

Baby Basset Was the Best Tonic for Aging Foster Dog

How would her own Basset hound puppy react if she fostered a Basset that was blind, deaf and aging? It turned out that sweet little Beefy adopted fragile Beignet for herself!

Stray Cat Won't Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind

When a stray cat seemed to claim them, a couple traveling internationally found that Millie fit their lifestyle beautifully. But was taking her along with them the right thing to do?

Little Boy's Letter to His Bernese Mountain Dog

“I love you, too, Till Till,” Joey said as Tilley showered him with kisses. In an open letter, Joey wrote, “You’re my best friend and the cutest thing in the whole wide world!”

Teddy Doesn't Know He's a Dog

“I don’t know what happened in his past life,” Teddy’s owner says. “There’s a lot of weird, quirky things.” She’s not kidding. Maybe it’s because he thinks he’s human!

Elderly Cat With an Asymmetric Face Had a Rough Life

At 13 years old, Mike had lived a rough life, but love finally found him. After being fostered by his vet first, his new, adoring owner says his asymmetric face adds to Mike’s uniqueness.

Ad for 'Unwanted Puppies' Leads to Their Rescue

Seeing an online ad for “unwanted puppies" to whoever wanted them, this guy rushed to save not only four scared fluffballs and their mom, but found good homes for them, too!