Cute Pet Videos

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When Your Cat Keeps Stealing Things From the Neighbors

A piece of wood, a box of cigarettes, a cat toy — it was anybody's guess what their cat, China, might drag home. But the neighbors were cool with it and had a good solution.

Helpful German Shepherd Entertains the New Kitty

First, it was the laundry, then the remote; their German shepherd likes helping around the house. Now Anya drags toys around to make the new rescue kitten feel at home!

This Dog Smiles When His Bunny Is Around

When rescue bunny Sugar arrived, this family wondered how their resident pup, Roman, would react, but it was quick, sweet and heartwarming. They even nap together!

Chiko Could Be the Poster Pup for the Beach!

Even with posing for photos and videos to commemorate his favorite beach activities, Chiko finds the water one of the highlights of his vacation, and he loves talking about it!

Kitty Hanging Out With Some Big Fish!

Mika, a big, beautiful cat, enjoys hanging out next to a large pond filled with some impressively large koi fish, sometimes gently touching them and exchanging kisses!

How Dogs Beat the Heat

You might look for a pool to soak your feet in or a fan to stand in front of when it's hot out, and you may catch your dog doing the same! A kiddie pool for dogs is a great idea!

Geese March at Germany's Open Flair Music Festival

The Open Flair Festival, an annual music event in Eschwege, Germany, features rock bands and for a little levity, a marching band parade of well-trained geese!

Max Meets a Baffling 'Birb'

Confronted by an intriguing creature in the street, Max may think the little "air doggo" is a potential friend, until the human takes the bird off the street and out of harm's way.

Kittens Hoping to Make Friends

Sometimes when kittens meet each other for the first time, one or both can be a little tentative. Eager to meet a potential friend, Mimi is rebuffed by cute but cautious Coco!

Duck Feeding the Fish

Bowls of lettuce greens set alongside the Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia may have been placed there for the ducks to eat, but this duck seems to enjoy feeding it to the fish!