Cute Pet Videos

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Bottle-Fed Mini Horse Grows Up With Dogs as Siblings

Taken from her mom for her own protection, a mini horse named Luna was bottle-fed and raised inside with dogs as her siblings until she got big enough for the barnyard.

Stray Kitten Decides a Dog Is Her Mom

The moment Toast spied the teeny-tiny stray kitten, their bond began. Besides being snuggle bunnies together, Toast became her protector, helper, encourager and friend.

Neighborhood Cat Chooses His Person

A guy who kept looking up to find a cat staring at him through the window decided to bring him in, because it’s “the best compliment if a cat chooses to hang out with you.”

A Piglet and a Calf: An Unlikely Duo

Sad after several traumatic events, a piglet named Marley experienced life in a shelter and a foster home before finding her best bud, a calf named Eli, in an animal sanctuary.

Fostered Mama Cat Produces Surprise Kittens

Kiki became this woman’s foster cat, but soon, Kiki started nesting. The kittens were all so cute that the woman adopted Kiki and one kitten, while neighbors adopted the other two.

Infant Chipmunks Learn Survival From Humans

So tiny that the three of them could wrestle in a human palm, these hairless chipmunks were so cute and comical as they grew as they were prepared for life outside the house after being discovered.

Hope: The Journey of a Tiny Turtle With an Exposed Heart

Once he heard about a tiny albino turtle with her heart visible on her underside, this guy was determined to protect Hope’s health and habitat, and her journey became an inspiration.

Woman Opts to Help Injured Baby Sparrow

Refusing to abandon a hurt baby bird, a woman helped Happy thrive. When a rehabber recommended euthanizing him, she knew protecting him was the only logical choice.

Big Dog Chooses Guinea Pigs as Her Besties

When a big dog won a woman’s heart at the shelter, she knew guinea pigs Pandora and Frida waited at home. But all worries faded quickly when the three became best pals!

Big Dog With Bad Feet Gets New Legs

Born with bad feet, Lumen underwent surgery and two failed prosthetics, but the third pair made all the difference. Now Lumen can run with all her old puppy enthusiasm!