Cute Pet Videos

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'I Wanted To Be a Vessel for Hummingbirds'

After a hummingbird knocked on his window one night, a series of experiments ("a weirdly amazing obsession") completely transformed the trajectory of this guy's life.

Hilarious: Border Collie Vs. Husky Agility

An agility competition revealed differences between a husky and a border collie. As one critic observed, it was "an impressive performance versus an impressive achievement."

Stray Cat Became This Guy's Lunch Buddy

Gradually, a stray cat that showed up at this guy's shop gained enough trust to accept food. After two years, Paul (the cat) was comfortable enough to become a lap kitty.

Holes Cut in Fence Let Dogs Peek In to Say 'Hello!'

When the neighbor's dogs kept sticking their noses into the knothole in their shared fence, a guy decided to cut out three holes so the dogs can peek in for a proper hello!

Peacocks' Colorful Courtship Display

Peacocks at Trevarno Gardens in Cornwall demonstrate not only their raucous mating call, but flourish their magnificent feathers, often used as a vibrant courtship display.

Pups Are so Excited to Get Back to Doggy Daycare

A video montage shows how eager these pups were to get back to having a great time with their friends at Doggy Daycare following the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand!

When a Dog Sees Videos of Himself

When his human showed Moon, a husky, YouTube videos of himself, his reactions ranged from "Yeah, I was there for that" to "Stop, don't ever show me that again!"

The Multifaceted Cats of Istanbul

Neither wild nor tame, thousands of cats roam the streets of Istanbul. Like Duman (The Gentleman) and Sari (The Hustler), they bring meaning to those they choose to adopt.

Hatchlings Inside a Kingfisher's Nest

The "fish pass" is integral to the courtship between male and female kingfishers. Soon, eggs laid over a six-day period become tiny, bald chicks, which launch in just 28 days.

Kitten Turns Guy Into a Cat Person

Willing to at least take care of the basic needs of the tiny kitten he found, this guy had no intention of getting attached. How was he to know the kitten would be this adorable?