Cute Pet Videos

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Dog Has to Go, but Not When It's Raining!

Puddy’s in a pickle: He has to go, but he doesn’t want to go out in the rain! Luckily, at least one of his super-patient, rain-loving humans is willing to show him it’s not all bad!

When a Mama Cat Wants Her Kittens to Come Right Now!

These fluffy kittens are big enough to move on their own, but their mama wants them all inside, pronto! When she calls, they come, but one just needed a little encouragement!

Little Girl Feeds Her Cat Yogurt With a Spoon

A little girl named Abby is playing “mom” to her cat, Bailey, by feeding him yogurt from a spoon. If your cat seems to like it, it’s best to give him yogurt that's plain and organic.

Sad Golden Retriever Won't Get Out of the Car

Jon had a hot spot on his tail so he wasn’t allowed to swim. He was so sad he wouldn’t even get out of the car to go on a walk, but there was another activity he couldn’t resist!

Toothless Senior Cat Finds His People

When they went to the shelter to adopt a cat, they fell in love with an old cat, Nugget, both homeless and toothless. But Nugget seemed to know he belonged with them!

Family of Puppies Needed a Warm Rescue

Of all the pups this guy rescued from their far-from-adequate home under a couch in the dead of winter, the chocolate puppy was the one that made him want to take her home.

Police Cat Leaves a Positive Community Impact

A real character, everybody in town loves the police cat! He knows his role down at the station, and he has unique ways of dealing with each of the officers at the precinct.

Pup Escapes Doggy Daycare and Rings Doorbell at Home

On vacation, a family heard something alarming on their online security camera: Their dog was ringing their doorbell back home! Yup, Dexter had escaped doggy daycare!

Up-Close Bellow of a Huge Red Stag

Found in Europe as well as the mountainous region between Morocco and Tunisia, red stags have shaggy red coats. Some, like this one, have huge antlers and a terrific bellow!

What a Maine Coon Cat Does in the Forest

As the sunshine filters through the trees and the breeze gently stirs his lush fur, this beautiful Main coon kitty, Buster, enjoys the adventures he encounters in the forest!