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February 2012
1 Pet Food and China - More Cause for Concern?

Precious Polar Bear Cub

Will These Pets Ever Find Homes?


3 Why Cats Hide Pain and the Signs to Look For

Cat vs. DVD Drive

Finally, Pigeons Get a Little Respect



6 Feline Stomatitis: This is One Dental Disease You Don't Want to Trifle With

Natural Enemies?

Three Excellent Resources for Info on Canine Genetic Disorders


8 This Tiny Segment of the Pet Food Market is Showing Remarkable Growth

Casper the Bath Loving Dog

How Many Pets Are Too Many? Another Look at Animal Hoarding


10 Helping Kids Become Responsible Pet Owners

Cats in the Snow

Nutritious, Delicious Pet Treats You Can Make in a Flash



13 If Your Dog is a Large or Giant Breed, Stay Alert for These Symptoms

Dog Sneaks Up on Toy

Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts for Pet Lovers


15 How to Gently Cleanse Your Pet's Body of Toxins

Dog Complains About His Day

10 Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet


17 Maybe NOW More Cat Parents Will Make the Switch from Dry Food

Touched By a Wild Mountain Gorilla

Is Every Trip to the Vet Traumatic for Your Pet? This "Mobile Vet Clinic" Could Be for You



20 Why Puppies Should Be Handled with Plenty of TLC

Static Dog

Are Rats Capable of Empathy?


22 If Your Pet is Pawing at Her Eyes or Squinting, Corneal Ulcers Could Be the Reason

Dog and Cat Pals Cuddle at Naptime

Dropping Just a Few Pounds Gives Lame Dogs a New Leash on Life


24 Real Stories: Angel's Journey

Groovin' Golden

Flu Shot: Most Dogs Are Better Off Skipping This Vaccine



27 What Every Owner of a Growing Large Breed Puppy Should Know

Dog Nabs Blanket

Babies Who Live with Pets May Have Fewer Allergies


29 How Many More Pets Have Been Harmed by These Products Since the EPA's Advisory 3 Years Ago?

World's Most Obedient Dog

Guinea Pigs Are Loaded with Charm and Personality