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July 2012

2 Your Own Health is Ultimately Affected by What You Feed Your Pet

Dog Hates Baths

Ear Infection: The Number 1 Reason Dogs Visited the Vet in 2011


4 A Sad Lesson in Why We Should Never View Vaccines as Harmless

Parrot and Puppy Sharing a Snack

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Heavy Pets Lose Weight


6 Why are So Many Pet Owners Allowing Their Companions to Get Fat?

Magic Meerkat Moments

Update on Diamond Pet Food Recall: FDA Inspection Results and Expansion of Recall to Include Cat Food and a Second Diamond Plant



9 How the Pet Food Industry Has Helped Create "Carnivore Metabolic Syndrome"

Dog Tries to Play with Stranger on Park Bench

10 Steps to a Housetrained Dog


11 Thick Green Lawns and Canine Malignant Lymphoma

Awesome Outdoor Cat Playground

Your Dog Gets a Runner’s High from Prolonged Aerobic Exercise


13 This Month’s Real Story: Zena

Parrot Cries Like a Baby

Escaped Parakeet Arranges His Own Ride Home



16 It's Not Too Late to Begin the Awesome Task of Healing the Earth, the Animals, and Ourselves

Bird Sings His Heart Out

10 Ways to Celebrate with Your Canine Pal on National Dog Day


18 New Parasite Prevalence Maps Help Pet Owners Prepare

Dogs Enjoying the Pool

If Your Normally Gentle Dog Turns Aggressive, This Could Be the Reason


20 If You Feed Sweet Potato Treats to Your Pet, Please Read This!

This Cat Finds You Quite Shocking

Is Every Dog a Natural Swimmer?



23 The Very Best Way to Protect Your Pet from Ticks

Hummingbird Baby Takes First Flight

Have You Taken the “No Pet Store Puppies” Pledge?


25 URGENT: If You Feed Raw or Plan to in the Future, PLEASE READ THIS

Mackie Loves to Be Tickled

The 8 Most Common Dog Park-Related Injuries and Illnesses


27 FDA Releases Chicken Jerky Treat Test Results

Kitten is Out Like a Light

Does Your Dog Comfort You When You Cry?



30 Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA): Why None of My Patients Get This Deadly Condition

Baby Penguin Meets Human for First Time

Bladder Infection: The Number 1 Reason Cats Visited the Vet in 2011