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March 2013
1 8 Out of 10 Pet Owners Didn't Recognize These Signs of Illness - Will You?

Chimps Use “Power Tools”

10 Tips for Choosing Your Child’s First Pet



4 Very Serious... If Your Pet Displays These Symptoms, Get Him to a Vet

French Bulldog Begs to Get on Sofa

More Chicken Jerky Pet Treat Recalls


6 Use Extreme Caution with Ivermectin

8 Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

Did You Know Certain Pet Foster Care Expenses Are Tax Deductible?


8 3 Out of 4 Cat Owners Skip This Crucial Part of Care - Do You?

Cockatiel Sings to Bunny

10 Ways We Show Love for Our Pets



11 Did You Know a Raw Diet Can Literally Feed Your Pet Into Good Health?

Emmett the Parrot is Healed with Essential Oils

Holistic Medicine Cures Estie of Her Seizures and Allergies


13 Is Your Vet a Cautious or Casual Vaccinator?

Small Animal Vet Uses Principles of Holistic Medicine to Heal Horse

Labor of Love: Building a Vet School Integrative Medicine Department from the Ground Up


15 A Natural Herb That Fights Cancer, or Chemotherapy for Your Sick Pet... Which Would You Choose?

Unexpected Miracles: Integrating a Holistic and Natural Approach to Healing Sick Pets

Chiropractic Care and Natural Supplements Save the Life of a Rescue Dog



18 Cryptococcal Infection: This Might Seem Minor, But Can Foretell a Major Illness in Your Pet

Dogs Like Socks

400 Research Chimpanzees to Be Retired


20 It's High in Protein, High in Fat - But Should You Feed It to Your Dog?

Ingenious Kitty Defies Gravity to Score Fish Sticks

Florida Kitty’s Long Journey Home Stumps Experts


22 This Month’s Real Story: Daisy, a Geriatric Golden Who is Defying All the Odds

Something Good

10 Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet



25 Von Willebrand Disease: The Disorder That Can Turn Everyday Fun Into a Life-Threatening Event

Cat Meets Snow

Europe Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics


27 Gene Therapy: A Single Treatment Cures Diabetes - How to Protect Your Pet Now

Dogs Play with Fox Cub

Born to Be Wild: Why Wolves Are and Dogs Aren’t


29 Don't Make This Popular 'Oral Care' Mistake With Your Pet

Have You Ever Seen a Desert Rain Frog?

10 Fun Facts About Catnip