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May 2013
1 Meloxicam: Risky Enough for a Black Box Warning, But Safe Enough for Long Term Treatment?

Baby Owls!

YouTube Videos for Cats and a TV Network for Dogs


3 How Long Will Your Dog Be with You? It Depends Heavily on This…

Let the Music Play

10 Fun Facts About Parrots



6 Keeping Your Pet Healthy – As Simple as Stealing Ideas from Monkeys and Zebras?

Crazy Kitteh Alert!

AVMA Releases Latest Trends in U.S. Pet Ownership and Health Care


8 House Dust Mites: The Critter Invasion That Can Make Your Pet's Life Miserable

Dog Fetches Tissue When Owner Sneezes

Arthritic Rabbit Gets Moving Again Thanks to Hydrotherapy


10 New Hope for Fear and Anxiety in Abused Dogs

Baby Budgies

The 10 Naughtiest Pets in America



13 Blastomycosis: The Hidden Danger in Your Dog's Favorite Boggy Play Spaces

Parrot Gets New Stuffed Toy

African Dwarf Frogs Continue to Present Salmonella Threat


15 Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Can Cause Your Kitty to Starve to Death - Even While Eating Plenty

Kitten vs. Vase

AKC Under Fire from Some Breeders and Animal Welfare Advocates


17 Attacks Your Bird's Liver Like Alcohol - Is This What's Making Her Flabby and Sick?

Guilty Dogs

10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Heat



20 Lymphangiectasia Wreaks Havoc on Yorkies and 2 Other Breeds - Is This Why Your Dog Isn't Well?

Cat Opens Door for Puppy Pack

Online Resource for Research Into the Human Animal Bond


22 Probiotics: Even Your Traditional Vet May Now Recommend This Pet Supplement

Dog Wants a Kitty

Giant Goldfish One of Several Trespassers in Lake Tahoe


24 Bromethalin: The Stealth Poison That Every Pet Owner Must Know About

Peanut Pool

10 Weird Pet Behaviors and What They Mean



27 Scientist Accidentally Discovers a Possible Culprit in the Growing Incidence of Cancer

Ducklings Learn to Swim

Rescue Central: A New Online Resource for Animal Rescue Groups


29 Cheats Your Pet Out of Protein – Even When It’s the #1 Ingredient

Cat Is Fascinated by His Own Reflection

Why Your Green Household Cleaners May Still Be Toxic to Your Pet


31 The Mistake That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Dog’s Skeleton

Cat Gets Unexpected Bath

Fun Facts About Mice