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November 2013
1 Spinal Cord Stroke: Would You Know What to Do?

Baby Chimpanzee Makes Himself Dizzy

Do You Disguise Your Pet’s Stool Sample for the Trip to the Vet’s Office?



4 How Long Will Your Pet's Rabies Shot Last? You Might Be Surprised...

Dog Meets Kittens for First Time

Are You Prepared for Emergencies with a Pet First Aid Kit?


6 Is Your Pet Receiving Any of These Useless Vaccines?

The Spider Who Couldn’t Hide

Complete Genome of Scarlet Macaw Sequenced for First Time


8 The Pets Most Likely to Suffer from Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Dog Uses Her Indoor Voice

Hip Replacement Surgery Puts Poodle Back on His Feet



11 3 Reasons Your Dog’s Urine Kills Your Grass – And What to Do About It

Fly Like an Eagle

Do Dogs Feel Grief?


13 The Best "Pet" Food Money Can Buy... And the Absolute Worst

Dog Makes Sure Rescued Foal Gets Exercise

Another Brilliant Design of Nature: Owl Pellets


15 Spot-On Flea and Tick Products: Never Ever Apply This to Your Cats (Not Even a Drop)... Can Kill Within Hours

Kitten Massage Therapy

Bottlenose Dolphins Can Remember Friends They Haven't Seen in 20 Years



18 The High-Starch Diet Myth That Pet Food Companies Want You to Believe

Very Tired Kitten

China’s Successful Campaign to Save the Siberian Tiger from Extinction


20 Most People Have Never Heard About The Dangers of "Ghost Fishing"

Glaucus Atlanticus

Do Dogs Prefer Men Over Women?


22 Being Overweight Shaves Nearly a Year from Your Dog's Life, Especially in These 5 Breeds

Four Times the Fun

Scientists Struggle to Make Windows Safer for Birds



25 Man Uses Holistic Principles to Cure His Own Lymphoma

Fearless Kitten

10 Holiday Travel Tips for Pet Owners


27 How Your Levels of "Hug Hormone" Affect Your Pet's Happiness and Weight

Loki Learns About Life

Blind Rescue Puppy Receives Gift of Sight


29 2 Hints You Have an Awesome Relationship with Your Dog

Late Night Party Bear Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Back to Basics: 10 Great Dog Training Tips