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May 24, 2013 - Issue 397

Bromethalin: The Stealth Poison That Every Pet Owner Must Know About

Rodent Poison

May 24, 2013 | 221,617 Views

In 2008, the EPA attempted to make these commonly used household poisons safer for kids, pets and wildlife, but the plan backfired. Its replacement turned out to be faster-acting and can't be easily detected or treated if your pet accidentally ingests it...

Peanut Pool

Peanut Pool

May 24, 2013 | 13,530 Views

How to entertain your ferrets on a budget.

10 Weird Pet Behaviors and What They Mean

10 Weird Pet Behaviors and What They Mean

May 24, 2013 | 31,393 Views

Have you ever wondered why your pet’s behavior is so different from yours? The answers might surprise you...