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May 8, 2013 - Issue 390

House Dust Mites: The Critter Invasion That Can Make Your Pet's Life Miserable

House Dust Mites on Dogs

May 8, 2013 | 258,110 Views

You can't see them, but they commonly inhabit all your pet's favorite places -- the carpeting, the upholstery, and bedding. Worse part, your pet (and maybe even you) may be allergic to them. Look for these telltale signs of an allergy and take these steps today to help bring these pests under control...

Dog Fetches Tissue When Owner Sneezes

Dog Fetches Tissue When Owner Sneezes

May 8, 2013 | 15,494 Views

He also shakes hands, high-fives, and speaks!

Arthritic Rabbit Gets Moving Again Thanks to Hydrotherapy

Arthritic Rabbit

May 8, 2013 | 10,798 Views

A continental giant rabbit has shown dramatic improvement in mobility and quality of life after her vet suggests hydrotherapy to ease arthritis pain.