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July 2014

2 Don't Ignore This Invading Virus, It Can Block Your Pet's Breathing

Persistent Puppy and Befuddled Baby


4 The 2 Ways Animals Mate, and How It Affects Their Physique

Dog Masters Toilet



7 Has This Pet Food Giant Opened an Embarrassing Can of Worms?

Cupid Shuffle: This Pup’s Got the Moves!

8 Don’t Choose a Ferret as a Pet Until You Research His Funky Habits

Snowy Owl Influx Spawns Wildlife Initiative

9 Tail Docking: The Barbaric Procedure Your Dog Should Never Have to Endure

When Do Pets Require Blood Tests?

10 What Happens When a Tiny Squirrel Gets a Broken Leg?

Timo the Cat and His Cat Hammock

11 The Killer Creatures People Trust Far More Than Sharks, Lions, and Wolves, But Shouldn't

Amadeus the Chihuahua Plays Pool

12 Animals and Insects That Can Detect Cancer and Disease

13 Watch for This Telltale Symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease and Leukemia

This Bird’s Got the Moves!

14 5 Ways Your Pet Could Start Your House on Fire

Jenga Cat!

15 Do You Still Believe These Myths About Koalas?

Baby Busts Up When Pup Busts Bubbles!

16 Do You Make This Tick-Inviting Mistake?

Ducklings Take a Leap of Faith

17 Offers Enormous Benefits for Autistic Kids, Just Don't Make These Mistakes

Office Cats: Micromanagers Who Make You Smile

18 12 Things You Probably Don't Know About This Dreaded Creature

8 Things Your New Guinea Pig Wants You to Know

19 2 Electronic Tools that Make Caring for Your Pet a Piece of Cake

20 Can Kill So Fast You May Think Your Dog Was Poisoned - Prevent It Now

Kitty Kisses

21 Seasonal Mistakes to Avoid with Your Pets - Life-Saving Info Inside

The Many Faces of Owls

22 Want to Help Slow Your Pet's Aging? Consider This 25-Year Study

Shake, Shake, Shake

23 A Simple Blood Test Can Detect Early Signs of Heart Disease

Mr. G and Jellybean, Together Again

24 Proof That Cats Can Say “I Love You” in Heroic Ways

Bear Cubs in a Hammock

25 The Wonderful Yet Demanding Pet That Many People Adore

Patty Cake Kitties

26 Just Because This Oil Is Great for You, Doesn't Mean It's Safe for Your Pets Until You Do This

27 From Zero Symptoms to Sudden Collapse - This Is a True Emergency

Igor: A Bulldog Love Story

28 When 2 Beloved Pets Become Rivals or Mortal Enemies, What Should You Do?

Sweet Kitty Massages Dog's Back

29 Shrinking Species? Climate Change Might Be to Blame

Divers Rescue Injured Shark

30 Beware of This Deadly Spiked Plant That Can Invade Your Pet's Body

Mother Rabbit Feeds Her Bunnies

31 Forget Boring Cookie Cutter Dogs - These Can Be a Lot More Fun

Cat Sitting in a Chair