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August 2014
1 Once the Size of Elephants, Sloths Live a Fascinating Life

Beagle Freedom Project

2 Who Says Cats Won't Exercise? Try This Simple and Fun Trick

3 Before You Vaccinate Your Pet, Be Aware of Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME)

Rebranding the Cat

4 Nip Problem Kitty Behaviors in the Bud with These Simple Tips

Bassett Hound Clown Car

5 Ground Zero for Burmese Pythons - Right Here in the USA

Wakeboarder Races with Dolphins!

6 Titer Test: Safer for Your Pet Than Routine Vaccines, and at an Affordable Cost

If It Fits, I Sits!

7 Horses: The Soothing Large Animal You May Have Never Considered

Bear Cubs Stuck in a Dumpster

8 No More Woof: For Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted to Know What Their Pet Is Thinking

Why We Love Animals

9 Should You Adopt These Shopping Habits of UK Dog Owners?

10 Massage Therapy Helps Remove Disease from Your Pet's Body

Crowboarding: Russian Bird Caught Roof Surfing

11 Failing to Give Your Pet an ID Tag Could Become One of Your Biggest Regrets

Kitty Implores, "May I Have Breakfast, Please?"

12 It’s Official: The Western Black Rhinoceros No Longer Walks the Earth

An Endangered Song: How to Save the Sumatran Tiger

13 No Longer an Innocent Pest, Ticks Can Now Infect Your Pet with Multiple Diseases

Boxer and Baby Play Kissy Face

14 Why Leave Fido at Home When You Can Take Him Along?

How to Shoo Away Bad Dreams

15 Dogs Do This So Efficiently That Engineers Are Trying to Understand Its Physics

Dog and Deer Play Peek-A-Boo/Run

16 The 6 Mistakes Dog Owners Make That Can Turn Angels Into Demons

17 Try Feeding Your Pet This for a Healthy Build, Skin, and Coat

Cute Kitty Adores Baby

18 Does Your Pet Fear Storms? Why You Can't Ignore His Discomfort

Garden Dormouse on a Balcony

19 New Discovery About What's Killing Honey Bees

Close Encounter with an Alaskan Brown Bear

20 The Parasite Preventive To Avoid For Your Kitty

Baby Cuddles Pup to Sleep

21 Short-Eared Dogs Rarely Seen By Humans Are Finally Caught on Video

How Wolves Change Rivers

22 Not All Beaches Allow Dogs - But These 8 American Beaches Do

Kitty Begs a Hug

23 What Do Cats Know About Beating the Summer Heat That We Don't?

24 Declawing: The Routine Barbaric Procedure That Owners Still Sadly Request

Pup Demonstrates Crawling Techniques for Baby

25 One Simple Way to Boost Your Bond with Your Dog

Puppy Takes Baby’s Toy, Then Makes Amends

26 Who Knew This Is Why Zebras Have Such Striking Coloration?

Elephants Playing in the Rain

27 7-Year-Old Tainted Treat Fiasco Just Gets Worse

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

28 For Owners Who Desire a Forever-Bond with Their Beloved Pet

Dalmatian Uses Clever Move to Fend Off Bully Kitten

29 Thrill, Bliss, Social, and Solitude – All Part of Birding, A Rapidly Growing Outdoor Hobby

Karate Kitten Battles Stuffed Animal

30 How to Guess a Cat's Gender Just by Looking at His Coat

31 Fermented Vegetables: Finicky Pets Might Not Like This Superfood, But It's a Potent Cancer Fighter

Mini Dachshunds Love Their Tub Time!