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September 2014
1 The Perfect Bowel-Soothing Food for GI Upsets and Diarrhea

Cat Helps with the Laundry

2 You'd Think a Large Predator Like a West African Lion Could Easily Defend Its Species, But...

Wolf Pup with Hiccups

3 Avocado: A Superfood For You But the Pit Can Cause Sudden Death for Your Pet Bird

Cat Tries to Pet Pigeon

4 Blind Mole Rats: The Small Underground Mammal That Rarely Gets Cancer

Parrot Tries to Befriend Cautious Kitten

5 The Silent Language of Cats - And Why Their Owners Don't Understand

Pup Comforts Older Dog Having a Bad Dream

6 Chimpanzees Laugh, Cry, Kill, and Grieve Much Like We Do

7 Does Boarding Your Pet Bring You Worry and Concern?

Kitten Chorus Line: In Sync

8 Fast Growing and Far from Just a Fad - So Why Do These People Discredit It?

Chihuahua in Epic Battle, Slo-Mo

9 The Scaly Mammal That May Soon Be Eaten Out of Existence

Baby Elephant Splashes in the River

10 The Most Widespread Animal-to-Human Disease in the World on the Rise

Cat Having Fun in the Kitchen

11 Banned in Many Countries, But Still Legal in 29 U.S. States

Doberman Keeps Watchful Eye on Toddler

12 Best Dog Breeds for Your Age and Stage in Life

Hungry Cat Gets Fish Fillet from Freezer

13 Accidental Bird Study Sounds Alarm About Common Unseen Radiation

14 Wreaks Havoc on Your Pet's Eyes - Especially in These Breeds

Parrot Whistles a Happy Tune

15 Never Hike with Your Dog Before Considering These 4 Questions

City the Kitty Hunts Down the Catnip

16 How Two 9-Year-Old Friends Saved an Endangered Species

Dog Snores in Kitty’s Arms

17 Half of All Cats Over 10 Suffer from This, and This One Got Lucky

Exuberant Dogs in Wheelcarts, Chasing a Stick

18 Don't Dismiss These 4 Signs - Your Pet May Be Sending You a Warning

A Clean Towel for Every Kitty Keeps Them Secure

19 The Surprising Differences Between Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers

Ferocious Ninja Kitten Shows Dog Her Best Moves

20 Disturbing News About Canada's Polar Bears

21 Why It's a Good Idea to Look at Your Pet's Eyes Each Day

Cat Rebuffs Husky’s ‘Friend’ Invite

22 The 3 Stages of Your Senior Cat’s Life, and What to Expect of Each

Dogs Patiently Waiting for Dinner Invitation

23 Startling Discovery About the Hidden Role of Wildlife in Human Health

Kitten Attacks Ceramic Cat

24 Could This Natural Remedy Relieve Your Dog's Itching and Scratching?

Adopted Dachshund Finally Happy

25 When Your Pet Disturbs Your Sleep, What Should You Do?

Kitten Suddenly Falls Asleep

26 Red Panda: The Cute, Cat-Sized Creature That's Being Lost to Logging and Hunting

How Do Dogs React When Humans Bark?

27 Want to Know Which Way Is North? Just Watch Your Dog Poop

28 Demodectic Mange: The Rare Skin Condition Your Vet May Overlook

Purin the Beagle Plays Catch

29 The Uncanny Ways Your Dog Reads Your Voice

Carpet Dragger Cat Blissed Out

30 One of Your Best Mosquito Defenses May Be Endangered - How You Can Help

Sleepy Spudgy