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October 2014

2 Food Doesn’t Equal Love: Obesity and Your Pet

3 Manx: The Ancient Cat Breed That May Not Be Full Grown Until Age 5

Charlotte and Zoe

4 What Is It About Animals That Helps People Heal?

5 Watch a Veterinary Wizard at Work

Kitty Wants More Petting!

6 Want a Close and Enduring Pet Relationship? Choose One of These Shelter Dogs

Sleepy Vizsla REALLY Hates Mornings

7 How Do Hummingbirds Hover?

Cat Fetching 2014

8 Shrug This Off... And Your Pet Could Become a Disease Magnet

Chihuahua Tells Why He’s Sad

9 Some of the Most Surprising Heroic Animals You'll Ever Meet

Cats Are Willing Yoga Participants

10 8 Ways Dogs Help People

Serenading the Cows… Via Trombone

11 Winning the Battle Over Dirty Litter Boxes and Endless Cat Hair

12 May Cause No Symptoms for 3 to 5 Days, But Swift Action Could Be Life Saving

How Mulder the Cat Opens Doors

13 The First Thing to Do if You Find an Orphaned Kitten

Gentle Tibetan Mastiff Is Little Girl’s Playmate

14 Why Is the Federal Government Killing Millions of Animals Every Year?

Super Smart Cat Performs for Grub

15 Examine Your Dog's Poop for This Unnerving Sign of Parasites

Bunny Eating Raspberries

16 Two Unique Animals with an Astonishing 360-Degree Field of Vision

Things Every Horse Owner Should Know

17 Cat People vs. Dog People: Who's Smarter, Healthier, and More Outgoing?

Talking Border Collie

18 Pet Health Insurance: Don't Be Caught Without These 5 Categories of Care

19 Dr. Becker Interviews Jackson Galaxy, Star of Animal Planet's Hit Show "My Cat from Hell"

Busted: Boston Terrier Has Some Explaining to Do

20 The Scent That Brings Dogs the Most Pleasure

A Kiss Before Sleeping – Kitten Style

21 More Dissimilar Than You'd Think, Given Their Common Name and Favorite Food

Humpback Whale Freed from Nets Shows Her Appreciation

22 Think Your Dog Has a Migraine?

Bulldog Cavorts on a Trampoline

23 7 Ways Animals Communicate - How Many Have You Noticed?

Snuggles the Cat Says Hello to Some Deer

24 Fascinating Differences Between Dog and Cat Intelligence

Crow Mouth-Feeds a Dog and Cat

25 What You Can Discover About Your Dog's Personality from Walks

26 The Scary, No-Lump Signs That Can Mean Adrenal Gland Cancer

Cat Dares Boston Terrier to Get His Ball Back

27 10 "C" Words That Can Spell Catastrophe for Your Pet This Halloween

Siberian Husky Pup Meets His Dad

28 Do Chimpanzees Like Humans?

Octopus Plays with a Coco-Nutty Toy

29 Treats Pet Injuries in About Half the Time, with Much Less Pain and Risk

Buffalo on a Trampoline

30 Five Unbelievable Things Dogs Can Smell

Rats Performing Tricks

31 The Amazon Pet That Can Live More Than 50 Years

What a Howl: Funny Pups Arguing (Subtitled)