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November 2014
1 Your Cat's Brain Under the Influence of Catnip: What's Going On?

2 We're One Step Closer to Improving Veterinary Care for Your Pet

Bird Wakes His Feline Friend: Rise and Shine!

3 Helping a New Generation of Integrative and Holistic Veterinarians

Bowie the Parrot and Bee the Budgie in a Mirror

4 Can Feeding Your Pet This Raw Food Cause Thyroid Problems?

Pet Rabbit Growls and Thumps When Petting Stops

5 Neutering: This Common Procedure Can Boost Cancer and Joint Problems As Much As Five-Fold

Kitten Turns Treat Monster

6 Would You Volunteer at This Stunning Hawaiian "Kitty Paradise?"

Someone Needs a Walk

7 Meet THE Authority on Optimal Nutrition for Dogs

Lion and Tiger Playtime

8 Looking for Information on the Very Best Nutrition for Your Pet?

9 Signs of Anal Gland Cancer to Be Aware of in Your Pet

Grizzly Bear Mom and Cubs: Too Close for Comfort

10 5 Quick Tips If Your Pet Becomes Poisoned

Shorty and Kodi “Walk” the New Kitten

11 Manatees: The Gentle, Swimming, Elephant Relative That May Soon Be in Jeopardy

Wipers Bring Out the Aggression in Feisty Boston Terrier

12 The Hidden Message Behind Your Pet's Tear Stains

Cat and Kitten, Together Forever

13 Fish: The "Throwaway" Pet That Can Live Up to 30 Years

Pet Bunny Eating a Flower

14 10 Life Lessons from Owning a Pet

GoPro Death by Grizzly

15 Dogs of This "Toy" Breed Have Big Personalities and Are Good with Children

16 Is Your Dog Ready to Go Paleo?

Kitty and Bunny Cuddle Up. Sort Of.

17 Poison Alert: Birds Love These Tiny Small Objects and May Swallow Them Whole

Scared, Homeless Pup Becomes a Happy Adoptee

18 This Cruel and Inhumane Equine Practice Must Be Stopped!

Bison at Yellowstone, Up Close and Personal

19 The Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer

Cat and Baby Owl the Unlikeliest of Friends

20 10 Ways to Share Your Pet's Love with Others

Dog Thinks Terrace Door Is Closed…

21 Rottweilers: The Misunderstood Dog That's Actually Calm, Devoted, and Loving

Bella the Stealth Kitten

22 The Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Breaking Bad Habits

23 Poison Alert: Keep Antifreeze Containers Tightly Closed and Far Away from Your Pets

Bowie the Parrot Talks to Tweety

24 Protect Your Pet's Brain by Adding DHA and Antioxidants to His Diet

Parrot Is Speaking This Kitty’s Language – Literally

25 Rhinoceros: These Majestic Creatures Are at Risk of Extinction

Friendly Sheep Helping An Injured Bird

26 Power Cable: One of the Most Dangerous Things Your Pet Could Ever Chew

Maxi the Rabbit Loves to Roll

27 8 of the Most Unusual Therapy Animals You'll Ever Meet

Vizsla Pup Has a Wicked Welcome Smile

28 Rabbits: The Cuddly Lap-Pet That Many People Overlook

Blind Kitty Loves Exploring the Forest

29 No Wonder Your Pet Makes You Smile... These 25 Absurd Pet Names Are Hilarious

30 Building an Unbreakable Forever-Bond with Your Adopted Dog

A Moose and His Girl