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December 2014
1 Could You Find Room in Your Heart for One of These Mixed Breed Dogs?

Kitty Likes to Fetch

2 Mexican Wolf Spotted in the Wild for the First Time in 30 Years

Five Parrotlets, All in a Row

3 New Discovery: Superbug MRSA Bacteria Easily Transmitted Between Pets and Owners

Ocean Bound Turtles

4 Finding Rover: The Newest, Hi-Tech Way to Find Your Lost Pet

Clever Dog Turns Injury Into Achievement

5 12 Low-Energy Dog Breeds That Don't Demand Much Walking

Best Kitten Toy Ever

6 Freaked Out by Spiders? You'll Want to Avoid Their Favorite Location

7 Atlantoaxial Instability: Be Aware of This "Walking Drunk" Condition -- Get to Your Vet Quickly

Pup and Parrot Pals

8 The Writing Is on the Wall... And the Pet Industry Is Catching On

Cat Is Guide for Blind Dog

9 Penguins Are Often Mistaken for Marine Mammals, But They Are Actually Fascinating and Unique Birds

Cat Gives Chihuahua a Little Love

10 Parvovirus Can Kill Your Puppy in 48 to 72 Hours, But Promising Treatment Is 90% Successful

“Before” versus “After” Getting a Cat

11 The Choice of Last Resort When Traveling with Your Pet

It’s Puppy Time!

12 Maine Coons: This Cat Breed Is Highly Adored -- and Very Expensive

Rabbit Massages Golden Retriever

13 Horses: The Much-Loved Animal That Drinks 25 Gallons of Water a Day

14 An Interview with Feline Health and Nutrition Guru Dr. Lisa Pierson

Baby Crawling Toward Dog Gets a Sweet Greeting

15 Unexpected Dangers Lurk in Your Pet's Food -- What to Do Now

1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato, Ow!

16 Viewed As Near-Indestructible, These Critters Have Declined Almost 50%

Baby Pandas Play on a Slide

17 Alkaline Batteries: A Common Household Item That Could Kill Your Dog

Kitten Hugs His Own Stuffed Bear

18 Pup Performs Tricks – But Not Without Complaining

The Surprising New Way Scientists Monitor Wildlife Populations

19 Tail Language: What Is Your Pet's Tail Saying?

Bella the Cat Plays in Barbie’s Dreamhouse

20 Smart Collar: A Revolutionary, Hands-Off Way to Know If Your Pet Is Sick or in Pain

21 Arthritis: Could Your Pet Be Suffering from This Debilitating Inflammatory Disease?

Do Big Cats Like Catnip, Too?

22 86% of Dogs Studied Were Jealous of This 'Life-Like' Object

Tiny Black Kitten in Her Bee Costume

23 Polar Bears: This Mammoth Creature Adapts to a Frigid Climate in Stunning Ways

French Bulldog Plays Tag with Young Buck

24 Just in Time for the Holidays: New Discovery About Reindeer

Pups and Kitties Having Fun in the Snow

25 Your Generosity Is Making a Real Difference for Animals

Animals Play in the Snow

26 This Number 2 Dog-Friendliest City Has Nearly as Many Dogs as People

Kids Cry with Joy When Their Lost Cat Comes Home

27 Why Cats Roam -- And the Surprising Places They Go

28 Does Your Pet Lick and Cough Incessantly? It Could Mean Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Ninita Loves Her Toothbrush Massage

29 When 2 Pet Food Manufacturers Become Enemies, This Is What Happens...

Don’t Be ‘That’ (Clueless) Cat Owner!

30 Drongos: This Clever Food Thief Uses 51 Different Alarm Calls

Dog Tucking in an Infant – So Sweet!

31 5 Small Changes That Can Add Up to Big Benefits for Your Pet's 2015

Mini-Lop Rabbit Loves His Own Stuffed Bunny