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January 2015
1 Why Leave Fido Home Alone When You Can Exercise Together Like This?

Giant Turtle in the House – Again

2 Wombat: The Furry Bear-Like Critter That Defends Its Territory Like No Other

Pup Plays Video Game Like an Expert

3 The Silent Messages Cats Send with Their Tails

4 What to Do Quickly If Your Pet Starts Limping

Kitty Asleep in Her Own Cherry Pie… with Her Bear

5 Cat Owners Beware: Ignoring These 10 Home Hazards Can Be Fatal

Saint Bernard Is Just a Little Needy

6 Surprising Discovery: Important Human Emotion Found in Unlikely Species

Buster Raccoon Doesn’t Want to Wake Up

7 Fast Acting with No Antidote... Is Bromethalin Sitting Around Your Home?

Some Kitties Like to ‘High Five,’ Others Don't

8 How Blood from a Greyhound Saved This Cat's Life

Little Girl Plays ‘Hide and Seek’ with Giant Newfoundland

9 Do You Make These Mistakes When You Photograph Your Pet?

Cat Brings Home Owl

10 If You See These Ants Evacuating, Act Fast to Protect Yourself

11 Arsenic Poisoning Can Cause Symptoms Within a Few Hours of Ingestion

Tiny Kitten Makes Friends with Dalmatian

12 Goldendoodle Puppy Was Naughty

8 Remedies for Minor Pet Emergencies You Can Do at Home

13 South American Horned Frogs: These Predators Can Grab Prey Up to Half Their Body Size

Elephant and Dog: Forever Friends

14 Knowing How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver Could Save Your Pet's Life in an Emergency

German Shepherd and Crow Play Ball

15 What Homeless Cats Need Most from You, Especially Now

Collar Cam: Walter’s Rush to the Sea

16 10 Dog Breeds That Make the Best Snow Companions

Getting Your Cat Into the Carrier: Blind Superman Technique

17 DIY Cat Toys from Throw-Away Stuff You Have Sitting Around

18 How to Support a Dying Animal

Crows Adapt to City Life

19 8 Mistakes Owners Make When They Bring Home a Younger Pet

Playtime for Little Lamb and Husky

20 Researchers Discover Fascinating New Species with a Deadly Habit

Uh-oh! Squirrel Nabs GoPro

21 If You Avoid This Medical Mistake Yourself, Why Impose It on Your Pet?

Dog Wants to Race, But… First Things First!

22 Missing for 4 Years... And Finally a Stunning Reunion Between Pet and His Guardian

Soldier Gets a Big ‘Welcome’ from Dachshund

23 3 Telltale Signs That Your Dog Is Cold

Bowie the Parrot Get His ‘Hair’ Done

24 Works Almost Like Magic to Keep Cats Off Counters

25 Herbal Medicine for the Health of Your Pet

Young Crow “Claims” Human

26 Laundry Day with Cole and Marmalade

27 The World's Only "Five-Legged" Animal - Can You Guess What It Is?

Swaddling Orphaned Bat Babies

28 Could This Be the Best Test Yet for Detecting Kidney Disease?

Dog “Saves” His Sister from Toy Snake

29 Why Don't Wild Animals Have Floppy Ears and Curly Tails?

Fluffy Kitten Never Gives Up

30 Siamese: This Cat Breed Is Immensely Popular, Chatty, and Witty

Woman Hand-Feeds Wild Woodpecker

31 How Do Birds Fall Asleep? The Answer Might Surprise You...