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February 2015
1 Canine Babesiosis Is Notoriously Hard to Diagnose and Treat... Far Simpler to Prevent

Marmalade and the Toilet Paper Attack

2 How to Get Your Cat into a Carrier and Live to Talk About It

How Dogs Drink – Fun Science

3 With Eyes Larger Than Their Brains, These Eagles Swoop Down at 200MPH

Cockatiel Performs Dinner Music for Dog

4 Predisposes Your Pet to Various Cancers -- Do You Smoke in Your Home?

Tiny Girl Muses About Dog’s Bone Structure

5 When a Love of Animals Turns into a Psychiatric Disorder

Slo-Mo Puppy Attack!

6 Afghan Hound: One of the Quirkiest Dog Breeds You'll Ever Meet

Hummingbird Perches on Finger

7 Go Green with Your Pet - 10 Painless Ways to Do It

8 Pot for Pets: Medical Uses of Marijuana in Companion Animals

Raven Chats with Human at Grand Canyon

9 Play These 9 Fun Games with Your Dog -- Energizing for Him, Entertaining for You

Maine Coon Cat Tricks

10 BPA Affects Gonads of Male Turtles -- What's It Doing to You?

Tortoise Helps Friend Get Back on His Feet

11 The Canine Cancer Surprise of the Decade: A 50% Cure Rate for "Fatal" Cancer

Cat Checks Out the New Water Bed

12 This Common Condition Can Shave 2 1/2 Years Off Your Pet's Life - Yet Many Are Completely Oblivious

Puppy Wakes to His Favorite Song from “Frozen”

13 What Pet Owners Want in a Home - How About You?

Kitten Flaunts Karate Moves… to a Mirror

14 Cockatiels: One of the Most Unlikely Cuddly Pets

15 Is Your Pet Sleeping on a Hotbed for Bile Duct Cancer?

Catch the Mouse: Cats Play on Their Own IPad

16 Sure You Adore Your Cat... But This Sad Mistake Could Rob You of Precious Years

Puppy’s Happy Dance

17 How Your Dog Sends You Messages with His Eyes

Goat Does Beatbox

18 Love Your Cat? Don't Let These Serious Symptoms Go Unnoticed

Golden Retriever Teaches Puppies How to Play

19 How Animals Respond to Babies in Danger

Puppy Tries to Reclaim His Bed from Cat

20 Does Leaving Your Pet When You Travel Cause You Inner Turmoil?

Sweet Interaction: Dog and Baby

21 Russian Blue Cat: This Striking Robust Cat Could Be Your Companion for 15 to 20 Years

22 An Exciting New Line of Healing Products for Pets: Essential Oils

Dalmatian and Kitty, Play-Fighting

23 Allergic to Cats? Try This Simple Feeding Trick

Humphrey Shows Water Bottle What He’s Got

24 Do You Make This Bee-Killing Mistake?

Cute Little Seal Climbs Onto Sea-Doo

25 Don't Feed This to Your Puppy - Could Lead to Painful Hip Dysplasia

Spidey-Cats Climbing the Walls

26 Kittens Are the Most Easily Placed of All Homeless Pets, Yet Also the Most Euthanized

The Pup’s Pajamas: Greyhound in the Snow

27 Boston Terrier: The All-American Dog That Gets Along with Anyone, Anywhere

Cat Named Maru Visits ‘Virtual’ Salon

28 Dogs May Be Great Sniffers, But Cows Can Detect Scents 6 Miles Away