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March 2015
1 Firm Bumps on Your Cat or Dog Attached by a Stalk - What's Going On?

How Pixel the Pup Got His Bed Back

2 Don't Bring Home a New Dog Before Locking Away These 10 Items

Cat and Paper

3 This Mother Never Left Her Eggs for Four and a Half Years, Not Even to Eat

World’s Smallest Animals: Top 10 Countdown

4 What Your Dog’s “Guilty Look” Tells You – And What It Doesn’t

Golden Retriever Confused by Squeaky Toy

5 Simple Way to Reduce Stress for Children of Deployed Military Personnel

Clever Kitty vs. Machine

6 Want a Pet to Hold and Cuddle? Consider These Giants

Cute Puppy Discovers Door Stopper

7 The Real Reason Your Dog Is a Sloppy Drinker

8 Does YOUR Pet’s Food Contain This Toxic Synthetic Vitamin?

Which Pup Is the Culprit? Pretty Obvious…

9 How Fast Is Your Dog Aging? That Depends... So Consult This Handy Chart

Foster Cat Learns to Walk with Walker

10 Should Grizzly Bears Be Revived in California?

Paddle Boarder’s Close-Up Orca Encounter

11 The "Cute" Little Habit That Can Sicken Your Pet - Or Worse

Compilation: Babies and Dogs Interacting

12 Dogs Ramp It Up for Some Very Special Children at an Ohio Camp

Tiny Kitten Tries to Meow

13 Betta Fish: Born to Captivate, These Smart Colorful Creatures Can Feel Pain and Anger

Canine Freestyle Featuring Emily and Henrietta

14 8 Things Your Pet Wants You to Know

15 What Happens When Your Vet Says, “There’s Nothing More We Can Do”?

It’s All in the Ears: Dog Is Down with Hip-Hop

16 How One Dog with Only a Week to Live, Lived Almost Another Year

Howling Husky: “But I Don’t Wanna Goooooo…”

17 Helping Future Veterinarians Bring Integrative Medicine to Your Neighborhood

Grizzly Bear Peers Through Camera Lens

18 Meet Dr. Barbara Royal, President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation

Horse Rolling in the Deep… Green Grass

19 Where Will You Turn If Your Pet Needs More Help Than Your Vet Can Offer?

Kitten and Pomeranian Are Best Buddies

20 Humane Veterinary Research: First, Do No Harm

Dog Says “Hello”

21 The Work Has Begun and It's Up to Us to Ensure It Carries On - Aligning Nature and Medicine

22 Calling All Pet Lovers in Wyoming, Arizona, and Pennsylvania! Meet Three Trailblazers Who Treat, Teach, and Inspire

Cat Breaks Down Wall of Snow

23 Cat Litter Box Mistakes That Owners Unknowingly Make

German Shepherd Howling Along with “Animal”

24 How a Single Blade of Grass Turned into a New Fashion Trend

Baby Goat Playing ‘Head-Butt’ with Horse

25 Can Pets Get Ebola - And Can They Give It to You?

Derby the Dog Learns to Run on 3D Printed Prosthetics

26 Channel Your Dog's Energy into This Fun Competition

Treat-Snatching Kitty Operates from Under the Bed

27 This Gentle Pet Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Head-Tilting Labradoodle Really Listens

28 5 Small Dog Myths That Deserve Busting

29 The Cause of Half of All Pet Poisonings - Are You Making These Mistakes?

Cat Drinks Water Lying Down

30 How to Tell If Your Adopted Pet Was Abused - And How to Help Them Cope

Little Boy Chased by Puppies

31 River Frog: Could That Deep Snoring Sound Outdoors Be from This?

Tortoise Tries Out a Skateboard