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April 2015
1 Petting: What Your Dog Craves Most from You

Luna: Nutball Cat Compilation

2 These Dogs Live a Life of Silent Torture, Even Though They Weren’t Directly Abused

New Kitten Learns Which Cat Is Boss

3 10 Unique Animals You Won't Easily Find in the US

The Importance of Puppy Socialization

4 These Clever Animals Go High-Tech, Yet Everyone Thinks They're from the Stone Age

5 Acupuncture and the Bright Red Black Lab

Rabbits Learn: Chickens Rule the Barnyard

6 Why Your Dog Acts Like He Does... Could It Be He's a Pessimist?

Cole the Cat Begs for a Walk… On a Leash

7 The Tricks Birds Use to Safeguard Their Nests

Thought to Be Extinct in Gabon, Lions Are Captured on Film

8 Caution: Chewing on This Popular Product Could Be Deadly

Cockatoo on a Rant

9 Not All Restaurants Allow Dogs – But It’s Now Legal in This State

Copy Cat Rolls Over on Command

10 Want an Easygoing Quiet Pet That’s Great with Kids? Consider This…

Sandra and Lizzy Perform Freestyle Dogdance

11 What's Intended to Help Is Killing Off Wildlife in Droves

12 Osteomyelitis May Make Your Pet Lame, or Worse

Black Kitten Confused by His Own Shadow

13 Cats Are Not Dogs. Or Humans. How to Help Your Child Understand...

Dogs Pop Their Heads in to Say Hello… Via Doggie Door

14 These Clever Mammals Share Human Lifespan, Wit and Social Behavior

Boppity Bunny – Cute Shelter-Produced Music Video

15 This Allergy Can Make Your Dog Downright Miserable - And May Horrify You...

Kitties Experiencing ‘First Things’

16 Golden Retriever Welcomes Soldier Home

17 11 Cute Animals You Should Never, Ever Approach

Beautiful ‘Thug’ Cat with a Mean Streak

18 The Dark, Hidden Truths of These Popular Shows

19 If You’re a Pet Owner Looking for a Holistic Vet in the Chicago or Pittsburgh Areas, or in Rural Arkansas, Look No Further!

Dog Gone for 10 Days, Cat Shows How Much He Was Missed

20 Failing to Give Your Pet This Could Be a Choice You Regret

Abyssinian Kitties Steal the Show

21 One Dollar Snakebite Antidote - Courtesy of This Misunderstood Marsupial

Tiny Girl Plays Hide-and-Seek with Her Giant Dog

22 Are Your Pup's Eyes Turning Cloudy or Blue? It Could Be This

Just Plain Adorable: Mother Cats and Kittens Compilation

23 These “Throwaway” Pets Rarely Get Special Treatments Like This

Home Alone, Pit Bull “Stays”... Sort Of

24 One of the Loudest Dogs You'll Ever Meet... Its Name Even Means "Loudmouth"

"Just Stop It!" Two Cats’ Reactions to Cyber Birds and Fish

25 It's Popular, Cheap, and Fun - But It Can Destroy Wildlife

26 Is Your Middle Aged Dog at Risk for This Complex Condition That Requires Medical Treatment?

Cats and Dogs Are the Best Babysitters!

27 Want to Stretch Your Pet's Life? 10 Ways to Help

Cute Cats Love Giving Hugs!

28 This Fearsome-Looking But Docile Animal Deserves Your Concern

Eagle-Cam Provides Incredible Aerial View - BBC

29 The Heart Problem That Can Remain Hidden for Years

Sweet Little Dog Says ‘I Love You!’

30 These Clever Names Have Been a Hit with Adoptive Pet Parents

Freya and Loki Investigate the Cat Tree