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May 2015
1 Outlawed in 6 States, These Exotic Critters Make Great Companions

The Early Pup Gets the Dog!

2 These Heroic Animals Even Protect Humans... Shouldn't We Also Protect Them?

3 Why Your Holistic Vet Should Also Be an Excellent Conventional Vet

Cat and Turtle Play Tag

4 Alert: Feeding This to Your Pet Could Cause Allergic Reactions

Ecstatic Pup Greets His Master After Two-Year Absence

5 Hummingbird Facts: These Critters Must Have a Sugar Fix - Or They Starve to Death

Ferrets – Clowns of the Animal Kingdom

6 Think Your Pet Has Arthritis? This Could Make Him Puppy-Like Again

Love Your Cat: Stevie’s Story

7 How to Reduce Your Pet’s Toxic Load, and Why It’s So Important

Bored Cockatoo Suggests a Little Grooming

8 10 Fascinating Cat Facts That Even Their Owners Don't Know

Pup Whines During Sad Part of “The Lion King”

9 This Could Mean Life or Death for Your Pet… Are You Ready?

10 The Latest in Tests and Treatments for Thyroid Disease in Pets, Part 1

The Paw That Rocks the Cradle…

11 The Gap Between House Cats and Wild Cats – Explained in One Humorous Sentence

German Shepherd Springs Baby Gate

12 An Overlooked Culprit in the Decline of Marine Wildlife

Eagle Cam: Eagles Swap Places After Eaglet Hatches

13 Tularemia: Watch Out for This Easily Transmitted Fever You Can Catch from Your Pet

Cockatoo Reveals Goofy Personality

14 When Emotional Support Animals Cross the Line

Caught on Tape: Golden Retriever Saves Puppy from Drowning

15 Weird Things That Dogs Do - And Why They Do Them

Cat Cleaning Her Furball Toy Caught on Video

16 The Wild Animal That Doesn't Belong in Your Home

17 The Latest in Tests and Treatments for Thyroid Disease in Pets, Part 2

Voyeur Cat vs. Hungry Bird

18 Over 3,000 Complaints Tied to This Brand of Dog Food

A Conversation with Max, a Cockatoo

19 Our Survival Is Linked to Monarch Butterflies... Why Are We Letting Them Die?

Animal Diseases You Should Know About

Canine Trio Singing by the Fire

20 3 Signs a Dog Is About to Bite... And 5 Things to Stop It

Cat and Squirrel Face to Face Through the Glass

21 Especially for Single Pet Lovers Who Want to Date...

Adorable Puppy Romping in the Leaves

22 The Cat That Can Run Up to 30 mph - Fastest Domestic Cat Breed in the World

Android: Friends Fur-ever

23 How This Popular Pet Is Endangering Its Wild Cousins

Dog Entertained by Flying Carrots… Wait, What?

24 Never Let Your Pet Nibble on This - Could Lead to Paralysis and Even Death

Cat Turns Thug on Annoying Dogs

25 What You Must Know Before Going to Any Dog Park

Life Hacks for Cats

26 Do You Make This Accidental Bee-Killing Mistake?

Human Involvement Saved These Animals from Extinction

Max Saying ‘Hello’

27 Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis Can Cause Sudden Death in These Popular Breeds

Pups Don’t Wanna Get Up Compilation

28 Is Your Cat Over 10? Don't Ignore These Warning Signs

9 Pet-Friendly Workplaces

Fawn Performs ‘Riverdance’

29 How Secure Does Your Dog Feel in Your Home? This Behavior Is a Tip-Off…

The Neediest Cat in the World

30 Correct This Single Mistake, and Your Pet Will Likely Be Healthier and Happier

Puppy Snuggles Up with Baby

31 Meet a Holistic Vet Who Helps Pets See, and One Who Rescues Survivors of Natural Disasters

Baby’s “Milestone” Video, Co-Starring Bunny and Pit Bull