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June 2015
1 You Wouldn't Feed This to Your Pet If You Could "See" This Additive

Ha! Tricked You!

2 This Giant Species Cleans Up Dead Carcasses That Could Otherwise Destroy Your Health

A Rare Site: Endangered Arabian Oryx Born in Miami

Exploration Vessel Encounters Rare Sperm Whale

3 Which Is Worse... The Offensive Odor or the Underlying Condition?

Kitty Can Sleep Sitting Up

4 Hot Spots: How to Treat Them and What Do They Mean?

Cats and Dogs, Tortoise and Hippos… Can Animals of Different Species Really Be Friends?

Dog Plays Ping-Pong - Really Well!

5 The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Makes a Great Family Pet

Cat Is Self-Appointed Printer Protector

6 The "Love Messages" Cats Send - How Many Do You Recognize?

Doug the Pug Is… So Dear!

7 Is Your Dog Chronically Itchy or Smelly? Could Be This…

Girl Meets Puppy for the First Time

8 12 Signs Your Pet Is Too Hot: Can You Recognize Them All?

Top 10 Cat Superpowers

9 Scientists Never Expected to Discover Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Here…

How Trees Help Animals Keep Their Cool

Baby Elephant Reunited with Her Mother

10 This Vaccine Can Impair Your Dog's Immune System

Making a Fitness Video with Cats

11 Ignore the Bad Rap... This Helps Heal Many Pet Disorders

Homemade Green Chicken Crumpets: Healthy Pet Treats for Dogs and Cats

Cats Vs. Doorstops Compilation

12 This Strange Feline Action Means She's Craving Affection

PuppySwap – A New Best Friend Again and Again

13 Why You Can't See Fireflies in the Western US

90-Year-Old Tortoise Gets Wheels After Rat Attack

14 Wake-Up Calls That Turned Conventional Veterinarians into Holistic Healers

Baby Bunny Sure Loves His Milk!

15 8 Unexpected Signs of Aging

Five Scaredy Cats, All in a Row

16 Alert: Your Favorite Songbirds May Be in a Precipitous Free-Fall

19 Endangered “Gentle Giants” Rescued from Florida Storm Drain

Adorable Heeler Puppy with Hiccups

17 10 Symptoms That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

Cat Won’t Let Owner Use the Computer

18 America's Favorite Pet: What Makes Them So Magical?

Trauma Dog Sees His Day in Canadian Court

‘I’ll Be Watching You,’ Pug Edition

19 12 Dog Breeds That Don’t Really Live Up to Their Names

Loki and Freya, Playing Ball

20 Avoid Tragedy: Check Your Yard for These Potentially Fatal Growths

Eagle Owl Lands on Woman’s Head

21 Black Widow Spider Can Kill Your Pet If You Don't Act Fast

At Least One Cockatoo Loves an Elvis Jam

22 Why Cats Love Boxes and Other Small Spaces

Stella and Her Leaf Pile

23 The Animal-Threatening Pollution That Few People Talk About

How Butterflies Use Fake Eyes to Fool Predators

Traveling Turkey Plays Kickball

24 An Innovative New Way to Repair Joints

Cat Caught Sneezing, Slow Motion

25 Grain-Free Soft Pet Treats for Dogs and Cats: Pork Pull Aparts

Dalmatians Meet Sibling Kitten

26 This "Bug" Has Religious Roots to Its Intriguing Name

Koala Caught on Video Wandering into Hospital

27 Pet Owners Beware: These Inadvertent Blunders Can Make Your Pet Miserable

Sick Little Pot-Bellied Pig Calmed by Lullaby

28 Bucking Tradition: Holistic Vets in the Woods, on the Farm, and at Your Front Door

Ninja Dog Has Extreme Skills

29 How to Spare Your Older Dog the Agony of Mental Decline

Garfield, Claiming the Catnip Scratch Board

30 These Giant Snakes Have Mystique and Elegance – And a Fatal Bite

Gray Whales Now Hold the Record for World’s Longest Migration

Great White Shark, Exploring with Her Mouth