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July 2015
1 The Poisonous Threat to Your Dog You Probably Aren't Aware Of

Cat Exhibits Impressive Evasive Maneuver

2 The Barbaric Procedure Your Dog Should Never Have to Endure

Massive Freshwater Stingray May Be Largest Ever Caught

Newborn Lamb Adopted by Golden Retriever

3 Don't Take Your Dog in Public Without Considering These 9 Pointers

Merlin’s Purr Is the Loudest in the World!

4 8 Things You Need to Know About Your Pet Today

July 4th Pet Party and Summer Safety Tips

5 5 Signs Your Pet May Be Losing Her Eyesight

Water Walking Cat

6 The Truth Behind Your Cat's Quirky Sleep Habits

Dog with Big Stick Encounters Narrow Bridge

7 Essential for Our Ecosystem - But You Probably Kill Them Almost Every Day

Catalina Island Foxes Brought Back from the Brink of Extinction Facing New Threats

Crow: “I’m Just Messin’ with Ya…”

8 What 1,000 German Shepherds Taught Us About Hip Dysplasia...

Live Webinar with Dr. Karen Becker

Why Cat Moms Are “Pawsome”

9 When This Reptile Stops Eating, Here's What to Do...

Easy Dehydrated Liver Chunks Your Pets Will Crave

Bicyclists Encounter Bobcat and Coyote

10 Born to Run: 12 of the Best Canine Companions to Run With

Corgi Runs in Her Sleep

11 Want a Stuffed "Mini Me" of Your Own Beloved Pet? Now You Can...

Odd Little Echidna, Sneezing

12 Two Essential Vaccines? Skip One, But Not the Other

Nibbles the Duck Greets Jonny Home from School

13 Nutrigenomics and the Pet Food Revolution

Homeless Pit Bull Rescued from Dangerous Junkyard

14 This Animal's Sharp Decline Should Scare You

Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephants: On the Verge of Extinction

Fox Pups Have Fun Playing Ball

15 When Your Dog's Poop Looks Like This, Visit Your Vet

Cat’s Odd Reaction to Crinkling Plastic

16 Never Use These Dangerous Carcinogens Around Your Pet

Your Dog Is Listening… Does He Understand What You’re Saying?

Handicapped Dog So Happy Dad’s Home

17 The Fun-Loving Pet That's a Cross Between a Dog, Cat, Monkey, and Dennis the Menace

This Is Why There Are No Mirrors in the Jungle

18 8 Myths That Can Make These Dogs Sad and Lonely

Buttercup Jumps at the Chance to See the World

19 This Preventable Pest Can Make Your Cat Sick to the Point of Death (Not Mosquitoes)

Dog and Deer: Who’s Chasing Who?

20 Do You Have a Dog with Behavioral Issues? This Can Make a Huge Difference…

Cat Air Boxes While Watching It on TV

21 How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Hundreds of Caterpillars Released to Benefit Endangered Butterflies

‘Muscly Marsupial’ - Buff Kangaroo Scaring the Neighbors

22 Always Ask Your Vet This Question, No Matter How Minor the Surgery

Duck Whisperer: Jonny and Nibbles

23 Keep This on Hand - Treats Pet and Human Wounds When Other Treatments Fail

Cube Steak Biscotti: A Decadent Treat for Your Precious Pets

Bat-Dachshunds Foil the Burglar!

24 Easy to Train and Eager to Please, This Is One of the Best Dog Breeds for a Family

Dog Photographer Chronicles His Day

25 Ten Creatures That Live Over 140 Years

Corgi Chases His Ball… In Spirit

26 If Your Pet Catches Chagas Disease, You May Be Advised to Euthanize

Banff National Park: A Wild Way to Move

27 3 Signs Your New Puppy May Be Overly Aggressive

Justice Is Blind

28 Killing Wolves Can Lead to Even More Attacks on Animals

Can Killer Whales Learn to Speak Dolphin?

Baby Goats on a Trampoline

29 Dog Urine Assessment: The Low-Cost Annual Test That Every Dog Needs

Lookalike Sister Kitties

30 Thanks to Cutting-Edge Surgery, Vanilla Bean Has 8 Lives to Go

Jonny, Nibbles, Kisses, and Tickles

31 The Loving Pet with a Memory That's 192 Times Longer Than a Dog's

Husky Pup Talks Almost Like a Human