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August 2015
1 Pet Immunization: Far Riskier Than You Might Think, Yet Highly Promoted by Vets

Restoring Faith in Humanity - Critter Edition

2 Don't Ignore the Early Warning Signs of This Aggressive Cancer

Cats Harassing Dogs: Compilation

3 Half of All Missing Dogs Were Found When Their Owners Did This...

Man and His Dog: Love Lasts Forever

4 If These Household Chemicals Can Harm Wild Birds, What About Your Pet?

Florida Green Anole Lizards Develop Stickier Feet in Just 15 Years

Lost Bear Cub Cries for His Mom

5 How to Help Protect Your Canine Athlete from Injury

Nibbles the Duck Plays Tag with Jonny

6 Everyday Sounds That Can Trigger Seizures in Cats

Omega-3 Super Snack: Dehydrated Sardine Crisps Recipe

Dog Jumps, Bites on Rope, and Swings!

7 10 Animals That Say "Till Death Do Us Part"

Meet the Mountain Pygmy-Possum

8 8 Ways You May Accidentally Offend Your Kitty

The Pegasus Project

9 Eating Chocolate Could Poison Your Dog Fast

Arrogant Cat Wants to Be Stroked, but Only When He Says

10 4 Sneaky Signs That Your Dog Suffers from Separation Anxiety

Mama Raccoon Teaching Kit How to Climb Trees

11 Bird "Seet" Calls: Forest Predator Warnings That Travel Up to 100 MPH

Male Mice Sing Songs to Woo Their Mates

Cat Video Therapy

12 This Outdoor Hazard Is More Likely to Harm Your Dog Than a Fall or Attack

Dog’s Birthday Surprise: A Homemade Ball Pit

13 Surprising Link Between Your House and Your Cat's Thyroid

Dogs Sent to Prison Get a New Chance at Life

Wild Horses of Pryor Mountain, Montana

14 Just a Few Weeks of Love Can Transform These Pets Completely

Cat Won’t Let Her Human Play Video Games

15 Bringing One of These Winged Pets Home? What to Know Before You Do...

Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Time

16 The Little Tumor That's Almost Always Deadly

Surviving Work with Your Cat

17 30 Ways Your Cat Speaks to You

Maymo and Penny Snitching Carrots Off the Counter

18 The Latest Honey Bee Statistics - A First-Ever Happening

Tiny Songbird Breaks Record for Longest Non-Stop Overwater Flight

Shadow the Rat, Eating Snacks on His Pillow

19 A Serious Life-Threatening Obstruction for Predisposed Male Dogs

Homeowner Turns House Into Amazing Cat Playland

20 Summer Day Pet Treat: Bone Broth Popsicles

Snowy Owl Rescue and Release

21 Allergic to Cats but Love Them Anyway? Try This

Pups Are Cracked Over Bag of Ice

22 The Most Surprisingly Smart Animals

Baby Goats Prancing in PJs!

23 Encephalitis: Watch Out for This Fast-Moving Brain Disease

Nine Cats, Entertained by a Bag

24 Dangerous School Supplies That Can Attract Your Pet Like a Moth to a Flame

English Bulldog Never Misses Her Favorite Commercial

25 Chimpanzees May Sound Fun and Exotic, but Please Don't Ever Adopt One

Fish Make Angry Noises When They Feel Threatened

Cat Videos, Captured in the Wild

26 Have You Heard About This Holiday Especially for Pups?

Grumpy Dog Makes Crazy Noises When Woken Up

27 A Vet's Dire Warning: "This Product Can Kill Your Cat"

Dogs Like New Toys: How to Make Your Dog’s Old Toys Seem New Again

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

28 6 Subtle Signs Your Dog Is Carsick... And the Hidden Trigger Behind It

10 Cats Attack Ice Ball

29 Aquarium Pets Can Help Lower Your Heart Rate

Dog in Bath-Time Nirvana

30 Watch Out for This Risky Liver-Destroying Pet Food

Kittens on a Slide

31 3 Ways to Give Your Cat a Pill Without Being "Eaten Alive"

Pup Points Out the Perpetrator