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September 2015
1 Why This 5-Foot Lizard Likely Attacked Its Owner...

Giant Galapagos Tortoises Get a Taste for Invasive Plants

Wildlife Crossing in Montana Saves Animals

2 Ocular Trauma: This Sensitive Injury Always Merits a Vet Visit

Cat Loves Nature Documentaries

3 Risky Wives' Tales That Even Your Vet May Believe

Treat Your Dog Right: Frozen Banana Basil Towers Recipe

Kangaroo and Canine Romp Like Old Buddies

4 This Beautiful Pet Will Favor Your Lap Over Most Anything Else

High-Spirited Labrador Loves the Beach

5 This Simple Boredom Buster Stimulates Both Cats and Dogs

Two Adorable Baby Goats Meet Moo, a Cat

6 If Your Pet Likes to Munch on Grass, Here's a Safer, Nutrient-Filled Alternative

Bo: Moving Rescue of an Adorable Abandoned Dog

7 If Your Pup Is Over 7, Feed Her This for Mental Alertness...

San Clemente Island Goats

8 Iguana: The Popular Animal Most People Should Never Buy

Baby Elephant Encounter: Cute!

Hidden Biodiversity: 11 New Chameleon Species Discovered in Madagascar

9 Avoid Dog Parks If You Live in One of These Areas

A Cat Named Eclipse - Master Treat Thief

10 Your Pet Needs This Crucial Vitamin, But Don't Give Her Yours

Slumber Parties Help Adopters Get to Know Their Potential Shelter Pets

His Bed Occupied, Bulldog Throws a Tantrum

11 5 "Pocket Pets" That'll Steal Your Heart

Lioness and Tiny Cub, Crossing the Road

12 8 Things Cat People Understand That Others Don't

Little Dog and Little Girl

13 If Your Dog Starts Doing This, He May Have Brain Cancer

Charlotte and Harper: Sister "Kids" in the Goat Yard

14 This Single Daily Decision Could Make or Break Your Precious Pet's Health

Pomeranian Puppy's Epic Sneeze

15 9 Species Where Females Rule the Roost

You're Being Charged by a Bear: Do You Know What to Do?

GoPro Elephant Encounter

16 This Little-Known Medical Emergency Could Kill Your Pup

Cat and Kitten: Licking the Art of the Bath

17 A Tragic Mistake That's Easy to Avoid

Dog with Yeast Issues or Allergies? Try Frozen Yeast-Buster Bites

Pups Run for Dinner Time-lapse Video

18 Small Size, Big Personality... Yorkshire Terriers Will Steal Your Heart Again and Again

Training Your Cat to Let You Sleep

19 Never Do This After Losing a Pet

German Shepherd Helps with Spring Cleaning

20 This Slow Progression of Dying Is Often Masked Till It's Too Late

Kitten Loves Her Nose Rubs

21 Big Food Swallows Yet Another Much-Loved Natural Brand

The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever

22 The Toss Away Mistake That Can Harm Birds and Fish

Bald Eagles Nesting in New York City for the First Time in 100 Years

Cute, Funny Dwarf Parrot

23 Loopholes Are Slowly Open for This Forbidden Treatment Option


24 Want to Know What's Lurking in Your Cat's Gut? Here's Your Chance

Guinea Pigs Act as Social Buffers for Kids with Autism

Chihuahua and Baby Goats "Kidding" Around

25 Irish Wolfhounds Form a Bond With Their Humans That Sticks Like Glue

Magnificent Footage of Rare, White Whale

26 Millions Love This Semi-Domesticated Pet - Do You?

Golden Retriever Experiences First Rain

27 The Dangerous Feeding Practice I Can't Condone

Amazing - Beautiful Chameleon Footage

28 This Can Emotionally Scar Your Dog for Life, Even If It's Not "Extreme"

Owl and Kitten Friendship an Online Sensation

29 The Cocktail Queen Bees Use to Disease-Proof Their Babies

"Rice Bird" Being Eaten to Extinction

Lead a Goose to Water...

30 The Link Between Cancer and Your Pet's Size and Color

Bunny and Fawn Playing on the Lawn