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October 2015
1 Chia Chunks: Craveable Superfood Treats for Your Cat and Dog

Kitten Makes Menacing Sounds While Eating

2 Looking for a Dog-Like Pet with NO Walking Required?

Puppy Kisses... How Long Can You Take It?

3 Your Dog May Consider This Torture... Even If You Don't

Tortoise Lets Himself into the House

4 The Feeding "Mistake" That I Consider Unethical...

Warning! Aww-dorable Chihuahua at Play!

5 Does Your Dog Do Any of These 10 Perplexing Things?

Baby Loves the Kitty

6 Panda's Preferred Food May Be Their Kiss of Death and Could Lead to Extinction

Could Bringing Rhinos to Texas Save Them from Extinction?

Dog Enjoys His Hot Tub Time

7 Your Older Pet's Special Needs and How to Meet Them

Cute Hamster in Her Little Playhouse

8 If This Feline Risk Is in Your Home, Put It Under Lock and Key

New Marine Species Discovered in the Philippines' "Twilight Zone"

Golden Retriever Gets the News

9 This Life-Changing Action Will Make You a Hero to These Animals

Voilà - Cat Becomes a Bunny!

10 Hilarious Cat Stories You've Probably Never Heard Before

Pug Running in the Rain: Enjoying the Little Things

11 Exciting News About a Vaccine to Treat Cancer in Pets

Seal Caught Surfing on a Humpback Whale

12 10 Human Behaviors That Stress Dogs Out

Sweet Barnyard Friendship

13 The Toxins That Are Designed to Kill - Or Heal

Humpback Whales Make a Comeback in Australia

Saving Jax

14 Love These Small Breed Dogs? Watch for These Signs of Liver Disease

Dog Befriends Disabled Kitten

15 Do You Know How to Help Calm Inflammation in Your Pet?

Homemade Chicken Jerky Strips: Chewy Treats for Dogs and Cats

A French Bulldog and Ball Pits - Crazy!

16 12 Fascinating Facts About the World's Smallest Dog Breed

Diving with Orcas - New Zealand

17 Is Your Favorite Animal Breaking Any of These Hilarious Laws?

Westie Looks for Puppies Trapped in a Laptop

18 Don't Dismiss These 5 Signs of Pain from Your Pet

Dogs Annoying Cats with Friendship

19 Want a Peace-Loving Dog? This Surprising Trait Can Help

Funny Ways That Animals Sleep

20 The Tricks Migrating Birds Use to Survive

Orangutan "Kiss Squeaks" Are a First Step in Language Development

Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

21 Do Not Allow Your Dog Even Casual Exposure to This Deadly Toxin

Cat Saves Kittens "Trapped" in Singing Birthday Card

22 Does Your Pet Exhibit This Odd Symptom? Watch for Heart Disease

11 Most Playful Cat Breeds

Hidden Camera Shows Pups Howling

23 Could This Be the Ideal Baby Boomer Pet?

Calm Kitty, Gentle Baby

24 Little Known Secrets That Can Help Your Pet Live Longer

Baxter: "I Will Survive"

25 Mistakes That Compromise Your Pet's Immune System

Meet the Quokka, the "Cutest Animal on Earth"

26 Adopting a New Kitty? 10 Things You'll Want to Know in Advance

Dog Butt Science: Why Dogs Sniff Each Other

27 Threatened with Extinction: 44 Giant Herbivores Need Help

Dozens of German Shepherds Help Protect Tigers in India

GoPro Captures Goat's Mountain Climbing Exploits

28 Don't Let This Family's Heartbreak Happen to You - Know What to Do About Rabies

Two Cats, One Cat Hammock

29 New York State Dims City Lights to Protect Birds

Yellow Lab Vs. Roomba

30 Will This American Species Be the FIRST to Succumb to Global Warning?

Meerkat Checks Out Husky

31 The 3 Most Dangerous Halloween Treats (Other Than Chocolate)

Could You Maybe Get a Drink from Your Water Bowl?