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November 2015
1 Soon I'll Be Coming to You from Down Under for MasterChops 2015. Will I See You There?

"Glowing" Sea Turtle Discovered

2 12 Reasons to Adopt the Least Adoptable Shelter Pet

Baby Laughs Hilariously at Dog's Capers

3 Why a Zebra Has Stripes: the Mystery Finally Solved?

7 Strange Circadian Rhythms of the Animal Kingdom

Dolphin Rescues Phone Dropped in the Ocean

4 It Sickens or Kills over 10 Dogs a Day, yet Many Owners Are Clueless

Tale of Two Kitties... and a Snail

5 Good News on the Horizon for Rabies Vaccines?

Treat Your Pet to Mini Burger "Sliders"

Pup "Drives" Boy in Car

6 Need a Laugh? Bring One of These Entertaining Animals Home with You

Cockatoo Topples Cups

7 The Cute Little Pet That Demands a Boatload of Care

Rescued Dogs Riding the Dog Train

8 From Best to Worst - My NEW Rankings of 13 Pet Foods

"False" Killer Whale and Her Calf

9 Don’t Believe These Experts’ Myths on Raw Pet Food

Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Himself Baths

10 Norway's Intriguing New Answer to the Vanishing Honeybee Problem

New Study: Giraffes Hum... but Only at Night

The Running of the Kids... i.e. Baby Goats

11 Gastric Dilatation Volvulus: This Life Threatening Emergency Kills 30% of the Dogs It Afflicts

Baby Sits Down, Cat Bounces Up

12 Don't Ignore This Feline Illness Indicator

How to Make Your Hamster Happier

Your Life... If You Were a Dog

13 The Topic That No One Wants to Talk About, but Should

Hamsters Star in Friends Remake

14 Avoid Tragedy: The Heimlich Maneuver Could Save Your Pet's Life

How Pets Handle Technology

15 No More Scaredy Cat - 10 Ways to Make Friends with Your Scared, Shy Cat

Guilty Dog Begs for Forgiveness

16 Getting a New Puppy? Here Are the Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Cat's First "Steps" Using Tiny Wheelchair

17 Do Chimps Talk to One Another?

Penguins Lack Taste, Study Reveals

Albino Dolphin Calf Seen in Monterey Bay

18 Esophagitis: A Silent Side Effect of Surgery That Many Owners Don't Know About

Patient Parrot

19 Liver Tater Meatloaf Recipe

Young Cheetah and Puppy Are Best Buds

20 The Little-Known Terrier That Adores Children and the Elderly

Whales Frolic Under the Northern Lights

21 They Can Calm Even the Most High-Strung People... But Which Is Best for Your Health?

Puppy Rescued from the Sea by Paddle Boarder

22 The Differences Between Male and Female Dogs

Virtual Park Tour with Phoenix (Girl) and Kitsu (Dog)

23 Avoid These 2 Temptations When Sharing Thanksgiving with Your Pet

Momma Cat and Her Yellow, Feathered Babies

24 The Return of the Loudest Animal on Land

Researchers Find Million-Year-Old Stegodon Skull

A (Large) Bear Sits Next to a Guy...

25 When Your Dog's Panting Might Mean Trouble

Cat Shuts Dog Up: "Don't Make Me Come up There"

26 Ways to Help Outdoor Cats Survive the Cold, Snowy Winter

Banana Nut Biscotti Recipe

"Who Pooped in the Kitchen?"

27 10 Dogs That Shed the Most - and 10 That Shed Least

Diving Bell Spider: Underwater Hackster

28 The USA's Most Dog-Friendly College Campus

Tenshi's First Tricks

29 Terriers Are Entertaining and Silly, but They're Not for Everyone

Shake Cats: Expressions of Bliss

30 The Eye Signal That Says You've Made Friends with a Strange Cat

Puppy Experiences His First Raindrops