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December 2015
1 This "Disposable" Pet Hardly Looks Like an Invasive Species, But...

Endangered Fur Seals Dying on California Coast

Kung Fu Mantis Vs. Jumping Spider

2 Is Your Pet's Skin Itching Like Crazy? Could Be One of These 4 Things

Zeus, an African Serval Cat, Says "Mama!"

3 Tough to Kill, This Pet Parasite Can Infect You, Too

Fishy Beef Bites Recipe

Husky and Baby Chick Are Fast Friends

4 Egyptian Mau Cat Runs Like a Greyhound, Splashes Like a Fish, and Loves People

Mutual Adoption - Who Needs Who?

5 5 Do-It-Yourself Tasks That Help Save on Vet Bills

Tiny Fawn's Rescue and Canine Friendship

6 Holistic Vet Cures Hopeless Case of Cystitis with Chinese Herbs

Guy Meets Huge Bear While Texting

7 Why Are Holistic Veterinarians so Scarce?

Bulldog Loves His Hammock in the Rain

8 Can You Spare $1 a Month?

A Fast-Acting, Non-Toxic Treatment for Miserable Lick Granulomas

Mule Deer Take 150-Mile Migratory Trek

9 On the Horizon: An Amazing New Treatment for Aggression in Dogs

Careers for Cats

10 Finally! A Study That Proves Processed Pet Food Can Cause Disease

Foundation Fellowship Fosters the Practice of Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Bovine Love: Running with the... Cows

11 What If You Could "See" Your Dog's Pain Melting Away?

They Grow Up So Fast!

12 Veterinary Students Are Actively Seeking Training in Holistic Medicine

Cute Otter, Juggling

13 Fecal Transplant: An Amazing Cure You've Probably Never Heard Of

Cat Carries Plush Toy Home from the Neighbors

14 Be a Hero in Your Pet's Eyes Without Making These Common Errors

Cats and Dogs, Upon Meeting Each Other...

15 Polar Bear Population Declines Because It's Getting Too Hot

First Sea Otter Diagnosed with Asthma Learns to Use an Inhaler

Capybara Is Foster Mom to Puppies

16 This Chart Proves Your Dog Is Older Than You Think

Baby Bunnies Nurtured by Caring Cat

17 Dog Sledding Benefits Kids with Cancer

Dogs Welcome Soldiers Home Compilation

18 Siberian Husky: The "Street Angel and House Devil" That's NOT for First Time Owners

Killer Whale Island: Mystery of the Disappearing Elephant Seals

19 5 Good "Starter Pets" That Are Less Care-Intensive Than Cats and Dogs

Grumpy Bulldog Hilariously Protests Morning

20 Alternative Treatment Helps Save Puppy from Life Threatening Parvovirus

Timo the Cat and His Life of Leisure

21 From Super Aggressive to "Highly Adoptable" in Only 10 Days

Jealous Pup Demands All the Attention

22 A New, Quick (and Creepy) Way to Identify Unknown Species

How Long Can a Polar Bear Stay Under Water? New "Epic" Dive Recorded

Tiny Fawn Whisperer - Magical!

23 Pet Obesity: The "Early Death Trap" Millions of Pet Owners Blissfully Ignore

Baby Deer Makes Friends with Cat

24 Samoyed Dog is One of the Most Stunningly Beautiful Dog Breeds

On the Road Again: Long-Haul Trucking Goes to the Dogs (and Cats)

Cats in the Snow Compilation

25 5 Ways to Be Richly Rewarded by Your Pet

Humans and Horses: An Incredible Bond

26 The Pet Most People Don't Expect to Be Affectionate

The Funny Ways Animals Sleep

27 9 True Signs Your Pup Has a Hurting Head

Dog Follows Master on 5-Minute Sled Ride

28 An Almost Sure Way to Be Rejected by Your Dog

Long Time Gone: Cats Welcome Their Masters Home

29 These Animals May Seem As Smart As Humans, But Please Don't Keep Them As a Pet

First New Canine Species Discovered in 150 Years

First Time Since Puppyhood, Dog Sees Her Mom

30 Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Can Kill Over 50% of Affected Dogs in 6 Weeks. Finally, There's a Cure...

Kitten Basking in Foster Mom's Massage

31 Cats Are Primary Hosts for This Parasite... But These 3 Culprits Are More Likely

High-Tech Prosthetics Are Changing Pets' Lives

German Shepherd Pleads, "Please Don't Sing!"